Rethinking how the journey goes

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Friends, laugh with me!!! You know… sometimes it’s so great to see God’s hand in something… especially when He gives me a warning and the warning is confirmed… saving me trouble, time, money.

Look at what I wrote on the 11th of Dec 2013. I had a prophetic dream about this driving to Israel trip…

12/11, 1:33pm I share this with a friend on fb messaging

“In the dream I was sitting next to someone, probably the person that I can go with… and we were in soe kind of very small car. Then the steering wheel popped out in my hand. So we got out and I used a remote control to drive the car, but it went down the wrong side of the highway and into oncoming traffic. I tried to turn it around and get it onto the correct side of the road it crashed into the strip in the middle of the road. I had to go back and take the car with me.

My dream was about

  1. the steering wheel stopped working
  2. the car was driving down the wrong side of the road
  3. as a result it the car crashed (but no one was hurt)
  4. I and the others had to turn back

I submitted this to a trusted friend and my friend replied…
12/12, 8:58am

Your interpretation may have been the full thing full stop. But if I’m honest, my sense is rather one of ‘rethinking how the journey goes‘. As in, release full control to God to steer it, and some things may end up looking different from what you thought”

Her reply was

  1. There is no need to interpret this, your dream is literally accurate
  2. Rethink how this journey will go
  3. Let God determine how to do this journey
  4. Some things may change

Well… today in my research on driving the highway I found out most of the way the road is right hand driving NOT left hand driving.

Take a look… quite literally I would have made it up to the top of Kenya and then I’d have to change sides of the road…


Driving on the “wrong” side of the road means…

  1. I cant overtake
  2. I can’t see oncoming traffic
  3. When I get to Israel my vehicle may not be roadworthy, I may not be able to keep it nor resell it, nor use it – useless.

Indeed, I would have found the steering wheel to seem broken!!!! Its on the wrong side of the vehicle!!! I would not be able to take over or see oncoming traffic!!!

And as a result an accident is quite likely.

I will have to pray about this again. I am going, that’s for certain. But if God gave me that dream as a warning then HOW does He want me to go?

I will have to rethink how the journey goes. I will have to seek God to find out how He wants me to travel.

I am so grateful that He warned me and then showed me today what the problem would be. I did this research today because I felt so strongly to come and spend the time researching. Thank You Lord.


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