Appeal for financial support for my prayer journey across Africa to Israel

This is a part of a series

Some of you may have read that Im about to make a prayer journey across Africa to Egypt and then to Jerusalem and perhaps beyond.

Ive had lots of opinions – most of them extremely positive – about this trip. Many people ask me how this started. I answer as best as I can because I dont really remember. Until today.

Today I was reading in my journal (PDF)…

On 23rd Oct 2009 I wrote…

For some time in the afternoon I was lying on my bed reading the bible. Then I heard “Go to Jerusalem and unite the tribes. You have your commission.”

Then on 5 Dec 2009 I wrote…

“That would explain why I don’t see any one place, why I don’t see Him providing a home and long term possessions and things that I have to pay off. I don’t think I would be leaving – if I did – before the revival here has started. And again it makes sense that the revival is not focussed on me, because I’ll be pushing off! And it makes sense that this corresponds to my vision of moving up north taking His Presence and revival with me up through Africa and then into Jerusalem.”

Now… 4.5 years later it’s happening. In April. 


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