Jesus and The Engineering of Consent by Edward Bernays

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Recently I discovered “The Engineering of Consent” by Edward Bernays first published in 1947. He defines “engineering consent” as the art of manipulating people. His ground breaking work led to successful propaganda before and during WW1 in the USA.

You can download four of Edward Bernays articles here. But be prepared to go into them mind of a morality-free sociopathic mind space.

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BERNAYS Manipulating Public Opinion


bernays propaganda


Crystallizing Public Opinion Bernays

I knew I had been led to read that specific document (The Engineering of Consent) by the Holy Spirit but I couldn’t see why… at least not initially. When I had moved past my horror and disgust at what I was reading, I began to see something else.

Why was I repelled? Because control (or rebellion) is likened to witchcraft in the bible

1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is like the sin of divination


Greek Word for Psychic Attack (Witchcraft) is: Pharmakia — greek word for witchcraft,
Which means to control someone against their will.
This word also has a meaning; the poisoning of the mind.

If we just define some words it should make more sense

  • Manipulation says I’ll trick you into doing things my way.
  • Intimidation says I’ll scare you into doing things my way
  • Domination says I’ll make you do things my way.

Edward Bernays sowed very great evil into this world and unfortunately we are now living in the era he created. But it’s not permanent, it’s not forever – and it’s not God’s will and His will be done.

Galatians 5:1 – *Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

As I usually do when I find completely new and fascinating information, I began to make notes and order the information that I was reading, extracting just the bits I can accept. But I was seeing something completely different.

Instead of seeing the art of propaganda, I was seeing how to create a lasting movement!

In fact, I began to see how Jesus Christ used these principles 2,000 years ago! Im not saying Jesus used propaganda, so don’t freak out. Im saying that Jesus Christ reinforced His messges and created and trained champions to take His message and lifestyle forward after He was gone.

Extracting just a few passages from Edward Bernays’ essay, I can see how Jesus Christ did these things during His ministry.

The themes are ever present but intangible — comparable to what in fiction is called the “story line.” – Jesus created and disemanated many themes, for example the sermon on the mount has many themes, He also repeatedly spoke about “the Kingdom”.

To be successful, the themes must appeal to the motives of the public. – Jesus promised that He had come to give us life and life abundantly

Motives are the activation of both conscious and subconscious pressures created by the force of desires.

  • Themes or story lines appeal to motives
  • motives are pressures created by desires – e.g. to find the Messiah, to find answers

themes are dissemanated by idea carriers – disciples, people at feasts, healed people telling the Pharisees or going to their home town and telling what God has done

Primarily, however, the engineer of consent must create news. News is not an inanimate thing. It is the overt act that makes news, and news in turn shapes the attitudes and actions of people. – healing people

A good criterion as to whether something is or is not news is whether the event juts out of the pattern of routine. The developing of events and circumstances that are not routine is one of the basic functions of the engineer of consent. – Jesus turned our world upside down by walking on water, healing the sick, turning water into wine

Events so planned can be projected over the communication systems to infinitely more people than those actually participating, and such events vividly dramatize ideas for those who do not witness the events. – people came from far away countries because of what they heard was happening

Communication is the key to engineering consent for social action. – Jesus spoke to crowds and He taught His disciples, He healed people in public all over the country not just in one place, the Holy Spirit helped write the bible and God invented the printing press in the 1500s to dissemanate the information

If the plans are well formulated and the proper use is made of them, the ideas conveyed by the words will become action. When the public is convinced of the soundness of an idea, it will proceed to action. People translate an idea into action suggested by the idea itself. – Other people began to heal but they were not a part of Jesus’ group

Do not think of tactics in terms of segmental approaches. The problem is not to get articles into a newspaper or obtain radio time or arrange a motion picture newsreel; it is rather to set in motion a broad activity, the success of which depends on interlocking all phases and elements of the proposed strategy, implemented by tactics that are timed to the moment of maximum effectiveness.  An action held over but one day may fall completely flat.Jesus repeatedly went back to the same places over and over during the 3 years

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