Considering the effects of Edward Bernays on this world

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Still on the effects of Edward Bernays on this world. He simply did what Darwin did. They discovered how the world works. And then the world ran to this knowledge with gusto and reveled in it.

Darwin discovered that death is the final outcome and it comes to those who cannot run as fast as the others. Only the fittest survive. And that simple understanding has given rise to multitudes of justifications for sinful behavior.

Bernays discovered how people are motivated… by desires of the flesh. He showed how to appeal to the desires we have in us. He reduced it to a science. And the world has been doing that more and more effectively ever since.

But I’m saying to all who have ears to hear… let us say no… let us clean up our act.

Control (or rebellion) is likened to witchcraft in the bible.

1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is like the sin of divination

and the Greek Word for Psychic Attack (Witchcraft) is: Pharmakia, means to control someone against their will. This word also has another meaning; the poisoning of the mind.

If we define some words it should make more sense…

* Manipulation says I’ll trick you into doing things my way.
* Intimidation says I’ll scare you into doing things my way
* Domination says I’ll make you do things my way.

puppet master

Marketing, propaganda, manipulation, advertising, chemical and other drugs… these things must all be returned to God’s ways. They may not all be bad, but we must check them against His standards.

Come people, church, church leaders… let’s return to God, return to His standards, return to His ways. Let us turn our backs on the filth of this world.

It’s not by might (or by wisdom) but it’s by His Spirit. Unless He keeps the city, it is not safe. Unless He builds the house it wont be built.

Return with me. Im going back. Come with me.

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