The Tree of Life

On Friday 6th June 2014 during the day I felt God was talking to me about how Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life and we can take from Him at any time and have eternal life. Over and over this image came to me.

In Genesis it doesn’t say that Adam and Eve lived forever, it says that they could TAKE from the tree and then live forever.

reach out, take from the tree of life, eat, and live forever. – Gen 3:22

In Revelations it says the Tree of Life has leaves for the healing of the nations… again the nations had to TAKE… or someone TOOK from the tree and then GAVE it to the nations.

On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations. – Rev 2:22

tree riverJust imagine the size of that tree… it straddles “the River of Life”.

It is soaking up water from the River of Life and then creating leaves which have healing.

The size of the tree must be massive to straddle across and be on both sides of the river.

So God was showing me how I’ve been TAKING from Jesus over the years and then I get healing. Jesus IS the tree of life and He IS the river of life.

Jesus said that we should do that when He said “TAKE and eat”” when referring to His body which was about to be sacrificed on the cross.

Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.” – Matt 26:26

Then… that same Friday night was so cool. I prayed for three people and they were all healed. Jesus Christ IS the Tree of Life with leaves for the healing of the nations!


Marcia Baldwin

First I was sitting next to a man who had all but 6 of his teeth removed on monday… and now it’s friday and he had not eaten all week… he was experiencing such severe pain that I could see it in his eyes. I laid hands on him and declared what Jesus Christ has done for him on the cross… and he was 50% healed. I prayed for him again and he was 99% healed. I prayed for him a third time and now he felt no pain at all. I checked with him at the end of the evening… still no pain.

Second I prayed for a lady who has had a very rough life with tons of oppression and struggling. I had prayed for her several months ago for “feminine” issues. When I saw her on friday night I asked how that was going and she said she had not had any of those problems ever since. But she said she still had epilepsy. I could see it in her eyes. I prayed for her and I could see the change and she could feel a change. Then I prayed again and her eyes were completely clear. I cant wait to see her again sometime and find out how she is now.

Third we were driving home and I sat in the back next to a lady. She had neck problems on the 3rd and 5th vertebrae. I told her I could feel God’s power… ie He was present to heal… and so I laid hands on her. She told me she felt a click in her neck and she felt waaaay better. I prayed for her some more and she felt changed again.

In all cases I could tell them the truth… that on His cross Jesus Christ has done much more, exceedingly, abundantly, above… all that we can ask… or think… or even imagine!! His work is complete. Waiting for us to receive it!!

Take and eat my friends… and you can live forever.

I hope and plan to be able to pray for people all the way up Africa to Israel on my “Israel overland through Africa” journey.

The Tree of LIfe picture was created by Marcia Baldwin. I didnt use ‘the full image because I havent had a reply from her about copyright and fair usage. If she replies then I will use the full image.

2 responses to “The Tree of Life

  1. Absolutely profound Mark and RIGHTFULLY on time for me to read. Yep! That was an awesome post.

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