When the disciple overcomes the enemy he is ready to go

These 6 revelations were given to me on 16 Feb 2013 and they are coming to mind often recently. The one which is coming to mind is number 4: When the disciple overcomes the enemy the disciple is ready to go.

Perhaps these revelations will be meaningful to others as well…

  1. Jesus remained in the system while learning ‘the next thing’ from His Father even while He heard out of date teaching from the system.
  2. When His tree was full grown He was sent. He didnt go with a seed or small bush.
  3. The manifest power of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the full gifts, is the attractor.
  4. Discipleship continues for three years until the disciples seed has become a full grown tree. During those three years of growing in Him there are constant trials Heb 4 which cause you to grow, and a confrontation at the end in which the disciple overcomes the enemy. When the disciple overcomes the enemy the disciple is ready to go. The disciple learns how to overcome through Jesus Christ… through the Kingdom of God.
  5. I see something attracting and including and retaining people and these retained people then grow and enter the calling on their heart and they attract more and retain more people.
  6. The beginning is the person in whom God creates the attractor… the attractor is the fullness of Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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