Dream last night – leaving, the pool and sea

Last night I had a dream.

There are dreams… and then there are dreams that clearly come from God.

 For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. – Job 33:14-15

Not all dreams are from God, but when I do have one I know it is He Who is speaking.

Im not really sharing this… I’m recording it, because it is a guide for my near future.

— the dream —

In the dream I was in a house, outside the back of the house, with a lady. In the dream I felt she was married to someone. She and I picked up some colourful small things… sort of like jelly beans… I remember the yellow and red. I think there were three of them.

jelly beans

Then she said to me “I want to show you something” and she led me away from the house, around the corner, into a dark place. I noticed the darkness and I realised we were under a tree. I thought we were going to get together, but then I remembered that she was married to someone else.

I left her. I walked past the tree, leaving her behind. As I walked past some overhanging leaves, into a clearing… I was standing hip deep in a pool sort of thing.

It did NOT look like this (below) but it sort of gives you a feeling of what Im talking about… a big expandse of water with a strong edge or lip of the pool…


There were two men standing to the right on the edge of the pool, not in it, and they were watching me.

The pool began to move!

I noticed that the whole pool was on a deck of a ship with the sky above – although I did not notice the sky. It seemed like all of life… the house… the lawn, the tree… was on that ship.

This is not what it looked like but it might give you an idea of what it FELT like…

whole life ship

To the left and to the right were buildings… but they were also on the ship.

The pool turned around in a circle slowly and then began to move along the ship with buildings to the left and the right. I was a bit alarmed because I didn’t want to be in a crazy ride that would scare me. I said to the man that I didn’t want this pool ride to scare me… and he spoke to the other man. They were not in a pool, they stood on the edge.

As the pool moved along the length of the ship, it moved down a level – but still on the top of the ship, with the sky above. Then it moved down another level and then down another level. In total it went down 3 levels.

I was still in the pool. I was no longer frightened, I was enjoying the experience of being in the water and the rapid progress along with the ship on either side!

Soon the pool had reached the bottom of the ship – completely safely – and plunged off the ship and into the sea.

The pool must have had hard edges because as it landed in the sea I saw two large glass buildings IN THE SEA and the pool SMASHED its edge into one of them. I remember looking at the huge crack in the glass, where the edge of the pool hit it. The two glass buildings reminded me of shops in malls selling things like expensive clothing.

I was not afraid at all. The one glass building had a huge crack in it. The other had a door open at sea level but no water went in and neither did I. I could see a couple standing in the doorway. They were completely dark… filled with darkness… no light shining on them.

I got out of the pool – which was submerged in the sea – and I began to joyfully swim in the ocean. It was so lovely. (In real life I love to swim!) I swam and enjoyed the feeling of freedom. In the ocean there was an area more or less near where the beach would have been…. in other words it was not in deep water… and I felt completely happy and safe to swim there… it felt warm. I dived under the water in joy as I swam there.

The last scene in the dream was of me standing behind a glass window looking at myself and that lady picking up those small colourful jelly bean-like things. I watched myself doing it and wondered how I could be here (watching) AND there doing the picking up.

My own (initial) interpretation

I think I know…

  • who the lady in the dream is who is married to someone else
  • what the small colourful things are which I was picking up (no, they are not sweets)
  • why I was watching myself pick that up at the end… its because that part is already complete now
  • Im now walking away from her to the pool
  • the pool represents a limited revival – outpouring of living waters – as I drive through Africa
  • the pool moves because Im driving across Africa
  • I enjoy the journey of the pool because I will enjoy my journey across Africa and I will arrive with joy
  • some false structures will already be in place waiting for me on my arrival but they will have no attraction to me because I prefer the joy of being in the water (revival)
  • the limited revival – pool of water – will flow into a far larger revival – the sea –
  • I think I know who the couple is
  • I will greatly enjoy swimming in the sea of revival and freedom and healing and provision

I don’t know…

  • what the ship means… what exists outside of the ship because it is all I currently know
  • why there are no other people in the pool or the sea with me… no community around me

Thats my 2 cents. Id like to hear your 2 cents!


7 responses to “Dream last night – leaving, the pool and sea

  1. Hi Mark! I was at a christian women’s conference and dreams were mentioned briefly. Dr. Caroline Leaf was the speaker and she said, no one can interpret ou dreams. Our dreams are unique to us. Dream books are not a reliable source and if we need an interpretation we should ask the Holy Spirit. I just thought I would pass that on.

    • Thanks Jane!

      Often in the bible someone has a dream and then someone else interprets it. BUT. I agree with you that caution is needed. I think 10 people may have 10 different opinions of what “God” is saying in a dream.


      • You are right, Mark. We often get answers through other people.
        I am a trusting person, so I need to be careful about taking the word of others as the gospel.
        There are so many churches with radically different views and they all believe their way lines up with the Bible. Based on what I read here, you have a strong faith backed with scripture. Do you attend a church you agree with 100% or do you go where the general belief system matches yours? I want to find a church, I just don’t know if I want to go to a small church, where some people know me already, or a large church where I can get lost in the crowd. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.
        I enjoy reading your posts and leaving comments. I hope you don’t find the comments annoying. It helps me make sense out of all my thoughts. I tend to over-think.

        • Hi Jane

          Im grateful for your comments 🙂

          I go where I feel emotional warmth, where the teaching feeds me and is bible based, and most importantly where God leads me to. But if I dont go to church for a long time that doesnt bother me at all.

          Thats why I said to you please stay in fellowship. I didnt say go to church 🙂

          God bless!

  2. The esoteric interpretation of three is the triangle, freedom.

    Being led suggests you have allowed someone else to take control of a situation around you.

    Wood is often a manifestation of the Spirit. If it is a wild wood, the dreamer meeds to show some control of his own spirit.

    Dreaming of a forest or group of trees means entering the realm of the feminine. A forest is often a place of testing or initiation. It is always something to do with coming to terms with our emotional self, of understanding the secrets of our nature or of our own spiritual nature.

    Dreaming of a dark forest is a threshold symbol. It is the soul entering an area it has never explored before, and is looking at having to work with intuition and your own ability to sense and feel what is going on around you. It may have to do with being lost and unable to find direction.

    A tree symbolizes the basic structure of our inner lives. Spiritually the tree symbolizes the Tree of Life and represents the union of heaven, earth and water. When we learn and understand our own Tree we are able to live life successfully on all levels.

    If the ‘jelly beans’ seemed more like jewels: jewels symbolize the things we value. It could mean personal qualities, our sense of integrity, our ability to be ourselves, or even our very essential being.
    Counting or assessing jewels suggests a time of reflection is needed.

    Dreaming of leaves: represents a period of growth, can also represent time.

    Dreaming of a pool: deals with the need to understand our own emotions and inner feelings. A pool in the woods suggests our own need for peace and tranquillity. The pool may suggest a form of cleansing, particularly of old traumas and emotions or of past misdeeds. The strongest image is of baptism by immersion.

    Being watched: suggests feeling threatened by someone’s interest in us. A need for the dreamer to monitor his own actions, particularly if new forms of spiritual discipline have recently been taken on.

    Water: is a symbol of emotion and femininity. Water can stand for the dreamer’s potential and his ability to create a new life in response to his own inner urgings. Represents cleansing away of contamination from everyday life. Entering water suggests beginning something new. Spiritual rebirth.
    Flowing water: peace and comfort
    Rushing water: passion
    Deep water: the unconscious
    Shallow water: lack of essential energy
    Going down into water: a need to renew one’s strength, to go back to the beginning.
    Coming out of the water: fresh start
    Shallow sea: superficial emotion

    Dreaming of ships: indicates how we cope with our own emotions and those of others. May represent how we navigate our way through life and whether we are in control of our lives.
    Large ships: how we handle group relationships. Creating new horizons in the company of others.

    Glass: indicates invisible but tangible barriers we erect around ourselves in order to protect ourselves from relationships with other people. Can represent barriers other people put up or be aspects of ourselves which we have built up in our own defence.
    Breaking glass: breaking through barriers. Shattering emotions that keep us trapped, moving into a clearer space where we do not allow barriers to build.

    Mark, you have a lot going on! I hope this is enlightening. This book is about our minds making associations, and everything I wrote here was from this book. If you have any questions let me know.

    Take care 🙂

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