Do not miss your destiny

I (Mark) confirm these prophetic words by Tim Sheets that I’ve posted just now. (See: A NEW ROAR WILL BE HEARD FROM MY TRIBE – TIM SHEETS PROPHECY)

To those who I have warned not to miss their destiny, I issue the stern warning again.

We stand at the beginning of massive changes worldwide which will transform the Earth. Ive been writing about it time and again over the years… and it is here NOW.  The “baby” has been birthed. I saw it in a vision a week ago.


Do not seek comfort. Do not listen to voices that say its ok to settle for less. I’ve said it before and let me say it again… do what God tells you to do, not what people or leaders or your desire for comfort tells you to do.

Our existing leaders have done their best and have set a wonderful foundation for the next generation to stand upon. As David respected Saul, we must and we will respect the leaders who gave birth to us.

But existing leaders will not lead this new move. New leaders have been prepared by God for decades… and God will move through them.

Everyone else will benefit and they will catch up when they are ready to. But meanwhile… those who are anxiously waiting to learn to overcome and who are determined to run with Jesus Christ (YHWH) will indeed begin to run – depending on your relationship with Him, your devotion to Him, your intensity of focus on Him.

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