Jesus Christ IS the way

Just think…

God became sin and He died.

All the psḗphos of the world were placed upon Him and He paid the price of death. In that moment He dealt with sin. It died. Sin is dead. Death is dead.

Those who believe that God came from Heaven to do this for us are free.

Unfortunately those who do not believe are not released. The psḗphos are still cast against them. They remain under judgement. Death continues to rule over them.

Choose life.

Jesus Christ IS the way out of death. Jesus Christ IS the way into life. Jesus Christ IS the true truth.

7 responses to “Jesus Christ IS the way

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  5. You say yourself “Jesus Christ IS the way out of death. Jesus Christ IS the way into life. Jesus Christ IS the true truth.” but do not seem to believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the son of man and the son of God. It seems you are taking him to be God Himself?!

  6. You say “God came from Heaven” giving us the impression you consider God became the man Jesus, though Jesus could be seen by many, who did not fall death, was tempted more than once, did not know everything and really died. God is an eternal spirit and as such is not born and cannot die. What would the use be of a god faking his death and also not openly telling the truth, because He Him self declares Jesus to be His beloved son, and also let us know that God does not tell lies. So how do you come to think God became sin when God cannot be tempted nor sin?

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