A vision about guiding us through captivity

Last night (its 6:48am here and I just woke up) I had a dream.

In it I sensed that people were in Babylon and they had been taken captive. I could see the start and end of it. I felt that they needed help so that they know what is going on, what God is saying.

So I began to write down words and letters for them to read. I remember writing the words and letters exactly and I saw rhem. I remember curving the letter C exactly as it was curved in what I saw. It was as if I was tracing some words which I could see.

I remember wanting to tell the people how long the time of Babylon was going to last. I remember not having an answer but repeatedly feeling it would be 17 years. I remember thinking that I would research the time of in scripture.

Please note:

Truly profound messages from Heaven are repeated over and over by God so that we can grasp what He is saying. We (or I) are too limited to grasp what Heaven is saying in just one dream.

During these remaining years He will give me things to share and It is Gods will that I repeat them with great accuracy as if I am literally tracing the letters that He says.

The purpose is that people and countries and leaders of those countries will be able to make sense of these turbulent times.

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