More signs of local revival

A friend wrote this today…

“I have such a sense of the Holy Spirit brooding over this city! CT is extremely beautiful these days…. I think because of His awesome presence! Come Holy Spirit – we welcome you with all our hearts! Amen”

Yes local revival is beginning and it’s becoming visible and palpable for all to see and experience.

The noticeable (and surprising) trickle of salvations over the last year or so will accelerate to a flood of salvations as every heart is touched, softened and changed in this city and beyond.

Gods words to me five years ago in 2009 (which are recorded in my journal) was that as I leave to go overland through Africa to Israel a revival will break out here in SA.

The second part of what He said is that I will take His Presence up through Africa to Israel with me. That is why I’m so interested in the SAFP – Southern Africa Fire Prophecies which I posted a few days ago.

The SAFP fire prophecies say the revival will spread throughout the earth. If you are desperate for social renewal where you live then please pray and help to give birth to revival here.

When we have received revival, then continue to shepherd and nurture it with prayers and declarations. Don’t sit back and rest. Remember that God reigns and rules through the prayers and declartions of His people.

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