Guidelines for meeting a Godly partner

To all the single men and women who are wondering where their husband or wife is… this is what God showed me in Dr. Myles Munroe’s book: The Purpose and Power of Manhood.

Scripture shows Adam obeying God as he named the animals. And Eve obeyed God by following Him.

Isaac was worshipping in the fields which he owned and worked in just as Rebekah was brought to Isaac.

Jesus Christ has done His work/ministry and is waiting as the Holy Spirit gathers and prepares His bride for Him.

What I learned from God is that women want to help but in order for her to see how she can help the man needs to be doing some ministry for God.

Men, when you are doing the work He has given you and He decides its not good for you to be alone THEN He will bring her to you. Go do the ministry He has for you.

Ladies, out there is a man who is submitted to God, he has learned about authority and he is busy working in that ministry which you can help him with.

Ladies, if you cannot first submit to God and follow Him then you probably won’t be able to submit to a man – do you agree?

At the right time you will be able to submit to this man who will need your help.

But make 100% sure that your man is submitted to God and is already working in his calling.

You can’t help someone if he isn’t doing something that you want to be a part of.

The right man is already busy in ministry for God and he needs a Godly woman who will help him with what he lacks.

The examples in scripture show men and women are first submitted to God. But they submit in different ways. If either one is not submitted correctly then the ideal union will not happen.

It starts with the man being submitted to God, doing the work that God gives him, using the authority God has taught him.

When a man is doing that then the lady can easily see what he is doing with God and she can decide if she wants to join herself to him and help him in his work.

Ladies do not get together with a man who cannot lead you and show you in his life what Gods calling is. If the man is not doing his calling then he is not ready for you.

(Thank You Lord for Myles and Ruth Munroe.)

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