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Who am I?

Nobody in the grand scheme of this world. But… I’m a guy who desires to live out to His full potential. God says I can walk like Jesus did, God says I can have all the promises, God says… God says… so I’m just a guy who says YES LORD to all of this – and more.

I’m a guy with issues, limitations, problems… and in my Father’s eyes… I’m wonderful and perfect and holy and without blemish. Do you know why? Because I am in Jesus and Jesus is in me.

I’m a guy with a messed up story… but my future looks nothing like my past. And do you know who gets the credit for that? Yeah. You guessed it.

Let me tell you about the God I follow

All I did in the grand scheme of things was keep staying with Him, keep asking, keep knocking, keep praying. (Well… that was hard enough!)

And He did the rest. Woohoo!

About my writing

Everything I write, I have lived and tested myself. If the life and death of Jesus set me free, I am 100% sure and convinced He can set you free too if you

  • turn to Him
  • learn about and believe what He says He did for you
  • and act on it (behave like it’s real)

It works for me, my life HAS been restored.

It’s my hope that you will listen, hear, believe and walk in it – and then it will work for you.

Here are some of the Christian principles I live by

Getting free and living free is dependant on what you believe – so start by deciding if you believe the bible is written literally and then decide if you believe it exactly. If the bible says the sky is blue, will you believe the sky is blue? Are you prepared to walk by faith and just believe what God says… or not?

I think – and in my experience – the world around us is more spiritual than we think, but the commands in the bible are more practical than we think.

Because it’s an issue of being practical, we’re requested to be in a partnership with Jesus. We are responsible for some things and He does the rest.

God loves you

God is not a performance-based God, He is relational. Jesus is not angry with you, He loves you. You do not have to prove yourself to Jesus, just come to Him and ask Him to come make Himself known to you. No matter what you have done in your life, God loves you. No matter what you have done today, Jesus loves you and will work with you to restore your life and help you.

What happens quickly? What takes a while?

Righteousness and justification are one-time events that happen when you believe He did it for you. Don’t miss out on it, because it’s the fundamental base on which the house is built.

Most other promises – power over the demonic, healing, freedom – depend on you receiving Jesus’ righteousness and justification as your own! If you don’t accept what the *bible* says He has done for you, then you shouldn’t really expect the promises that flow from what He has done either. Makes sense huh?

Maybe you don’t know what the promises are? I didn’t either. So I bought books, loaned books and found books that spoke of the promises in the NT, the names of God, the promises of what the Messiah (Jesus) would achieve when He arrived. On that basis, I was able to understand more fully what He has done for me.

But then I still had to belive it.

But… once you have that, it’s all downhill from there. Promises like “being changed into His image” are a process that last a lifetime. But they struggle to happen unless you believe that you have His righteousness and justification.

After that, it’s just a process. The things you need in your life (like healing) CAN happen in a “power event”, but if it doesn’t, then it will happen over time as a process. Why a process? You’ll learn a lot from God, or be changed by Him throughout that process.

God wants you to have an abundant life

Don’t accept anything less. Don’t go on and on denying yourself what is rightfully yours because that is just “religious” behaviour according to the NT bible. Seek after your inheritance. Want it. Ask for it. Be renewed in how you think!

Denying yourself doesn’t mean denying your character or denying yourself love or anything good. Denying yourself means to not be excessive in anything and to stop doing things that are hurtful to yourself, God or the people around you.

Remember: all things are permitted, but not all things are helpful. So yes perhaps you can do it, but should you?

Jesus dealt with sin once and for always

Jesus has dealt with sin on the cross (once and for all) for those who believe in Him. The bible says that when He comes back it WON’T be to deal with sin. It’s dealt with.

What remains is for us to leave our old behaviour patterns behind, be renewed in our minds and to grow into maturity as we walk with Him.

The bible says that all sins are equal in God’s eyes, but the spiritual and practical consequences that wrong behaviour can lead us into is not all equal. But there is also God’s grace and that protects us from some consequences and we can get forgiveness and be restored. God loves you no matter what you did or still do.

But hey! Be patient with yourself! Good thing take time to be built. You’re a good thing and getting better.

Almost everything in Christianity is a process – except for salvation, justification and righteousness. So for the rest, be patient with yourself. It might start today and finish in a month’s time. Shorter. Longer. But you will get there. You will. He will see to that.

And the good news is that regeneration sometimes is an event too… although mostly I find it’s a process.

Love one another

There is nothing more important than loving each other.

The word “love” is in the bible 551 times.

Loving one another must be balanced with the need to maintain our own boundaries and protect ourselves. It’s a practical thing… just be sensible!

The cross has two bars – one is vertical (perhaps symbolizing our need to love God) and one horizontal (perhaps symbolizing our need to love others).

You can!

Everything Jesus did, He promised that we would do and greater still. We can never *be* Jesus, but since He is *in* us, we can (if we want to) be like Him because He is IN us (and we are IN Him). The only limitation to how much you become like Him is how much change you are willing to go through in your walk with Him.

Patience is a very useful personality trait in a Christian. Whatever you can’t do… God can do in you and through you. Just ask Him. Ask and keep on asking. Knock and keep on knocking.


I hope your time spent in this blog will bless you and encourage you to reach for the highest Godly vision that you can imagine. As someone said: if you can see it, you can have it.

God loves you.

35 responses to “Mark’s faith

  1. Hi Mark,
    I’m glad to have found your blog. I’ve some issues and I’ll be coming back for more advice. I don’t know whether it’ll be ok if I email you directly with regard to my problems? Btw, I’ve got a blog too, it’s , if you would like to look at it. Thank you again for the effort you’re putting into this blog which has blessed so many people. 🙂

  2. Hi Mark! Beduino Loco here. The concept is intriguing.. a prayer missionary. Could you expand a little on this?

    • Hi Othon

      Sure! At the mment I don’t have the moment to actually go to the places that I am praying for, so I pray for that place. There are ups and downs to this approach. By not going there I have to reply on the media to tell me what needs praying for and what is changing there. On the other hand, as a prayer missionary I am able to pray for any place in the world.

      I have prayed for many countries and wars and situations and I have seen dramatic change in all of them. Why can our prayer be so effective? It’s because the bible clearly says “what is it that overcomes the evil of this world — our faith”. Yes it’s our faith that overcomes the evil of this world. Why our faith? Because God wants to work with us. He wants co-workers. He is building a bride. He is the head, but together they (the husband and wife) fulfill the mandate God gives them. Adam and Eve are a good instruction on that. God started with Adam and named the animals, but then gave the command to tend the world to BOTH Adam and Eve.

      The actual force that overcomes evil is the Holy Spirit, obviously, but Reinhard Bonnke descibes it like this: our faith is like the train tracks that the Holy Spirit moves along. He can move independantly, and all good things tat we may do have originated in His heart and mind. But my point is, that we still have a part to play. We must believe. We must pray. We must love.

      When the money comes through for me to go, I will be able to love people in person. Until then, I will keep praying for countries and situaitons as the Holy Spirit leads me.

      Thanks for asking.

      God bless you, Mark.

  3. I found this today , while searching for a Bible verse. I plan to bookmark and return. Thank you for this wonderful site. I love the Lord and want to grow stronger as a Christian. God Bless.

  4. Hi! Mark. I came across your a page about you. I love to read more about you. I am a christian who always desire to tell people about Christ and also share gospel tracts. I want more and more people to enter the Kingdom of God, therefore evangelism is my job. I will be happy to hear from you.

  5. hey, i just randomly came across your page. I REALLY like it. I could feel the spiritual passion in your words so I’ll be checking it from time to time to see what you have written. God bless ya

  6. Thank you again…i hope you are still growing in Christ. He is an AWESOME God and you seem to have become a new creation in His love….God bless – SERIOUSLY big time!

  7. oh i must said i was blessed by this great message but there issues i need God to deal with it in my life,adultery pls prayer with me i had fast and for month iwill not and later i will go back again, though not yet married. i really want God to help me i need him

  8. Just want to say I feel that achy emptiness lifted a little thanks to your willingness to be vulnerable and step out. My recovery has seemed like a long ouchey- but, it is going somewhere- Keep going brother- thanks for your honesty about the reality of your life- the good bad and ugly- God uses it all!

  9. Mark,

    I thoroughly enjoy your writings and am inspired !
    Your humble and sincere spirit is refreshing .
    so far agree with everything I have read.

    God bless,


  10. This is the first time I’ve seen someone on wordpress who agrees with this point of view, that God came to give life and life more abundantly .

    God bless you


  12. Prove your ferver when you say “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” by posting all your writings from 9/10 – 12/2001.

    Hi Alex

    I won’t rise to your taunt to “prove myself”. I don’t need to prove things to you or anyone else, I need to remain faithful to God and how He has revealed Himself to me. You also don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, but live according to your own perception of what is right and wrong.

    God bless you! – Mark.

  13. I think God is using you to show his love to me. I’m bless!

    That’s great Annie! 🙂 – Mark.

  14. HI Mark….Frank McEleny here from Scottish Warriors for Christ. I dont hand out many compliments(I find flattery is most used against us) but I loved your answer to #9 on this post. God bless you brother, stay close to Him. ….So you have been to Napal? I have an awesome friend who has been there for 7 years. He has an orange juice factory there 🙂 His name is Bill Barlow. He loves the Nepaleze.

    Hi. I have been to Nepal 3 times. Loved it. Loved the people. Thanks for visiting this blog and for you kind words. God bless you! – Mark.

  15. Well done. Explaining issues of faith are much more difficult than sometimes showing others by example. Words offer limited value – but you…you have shared a faith that sparkles. Very refreshing my friend. I’m glad you found the words! Rock on!

    Thanks Robb!!! 🙂

  16. Hi Mark,

    Good to see you are still getting the download from the Holy Spirit.

    These 2 verses jumped out to me on Sunday.

    Mar 11:24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

    When we pray – we are asking God to give us something we already have. We have been healed, we are blessed – we just need to receive it.

    Phi 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, WITH thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

    I have been putting my request to God by asking him for what has already given to me (through his son). This verse is saying – ask WITH thanksgiving. Sometimes I think we have got to stop asking and start thanking God for what he has already given to us – even if we cant see it.

    Are we going to be moved by what we see or are we going to moved by what we don’t see?

  17. Mark, I was remembering this African proverb, “I am because we are” and googled it — up came your website.

    The church that I am attending is in the process of organizing small groups; it is a big church. I am providing some feedback regarding small group leadership. Your post from June 6, 2006 was very inspirational. Teaching ubuntu as a concept at the leadership level and seeing it come to fruition is “that thing” that we need to accomplish with Christ as the foundation of all that the groups do.

  18. Hi Mark,

    The holy spirit must be revealing to you a lot of amazing things!

    Ephesians 1:17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,


  19. Hi. Keep up this good work. Just came to this web page from google search for some hopeful verses from Bible. I am happy to see so many peoples are blessed by this site.

  20. I have received a blessing from this site, something I have needed. God blesses me all the time it is me that seems to be having diffaculty receiving. God has given me the scripture to wait on Him, if you knew my personality you would know how hard this really is. While pondering the things that are now a part of my life, which are too many to mention, suffice it to say though I am not experiencing life more abundant. While pondering and trying to wait on Him to direct my path to make it straight and smooth, my neighbor, who is not a spiritual man, came to me and said, “I do not know why I am doing this but God told me I needed to come and tell you that you needed to be still and wait on Him.” What a confirmation! I am not feeling sorry for myself my problem seems to be getting His word out of my head and my heart and getting them into my everyday life. I just cannot seem to get beyond this head knowledge into an experiencing it for the truth that I do know that it is. I have seen God at work many times, I have felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. I know with out a doubt that I am a born again saint of God through Christ who died for me. I have all these things inside of me and I just seem to miss the true power of His word. The answers that are coming seem to fall short of my needs. Anyway thank you for listening and maybe you and your readers might say a prayer on my behalf.

    Know that God will continue to bless you for Ephesians 1:3 promises He already has.
    Your brother in Christ

  21. Hi! i came across with your blog and it blessed me so much. I am ministering to some people who were victims of molestations and abused. Most of them demonestrated the symptoms of jesabel spirit and suffering from very low self worth. Thanks for all the insights and testimonies. Can you share to me a guidelines (systematic guidelines) and study how to effectively impart to them the Gospel. they do not believe and could not relate Jesus as their Father for that word “father”means abuses and harm to them. Most of them are victims of incest.
    God bless you brother.
    Sis. Marlene

    Hi sister Marlene

    I will give you my very best answer. You have read my testimony, you know some of what I have been through. You’ll know that I have entrusted myself to COUNTLESS people praying for healing, COUNTLESS different styles of deliverance ministry. All sorts and hues and shades. As a hurting person I warmed to some and not to others. From some I learned a lot about God’s nature and came closer to Him… from others I learned to distrust God as a Father and move away.

    My point is this. Jesus spoke of us (you and me) being light to a dark world. You are the light. He said we are fruit… and the people come to eat from us. We need to have His living waters flowing from us, so others can drink, learn, be washed.

    You said in your comment you want something systematic. In my experience that DID NOT WORK at all. There’s not love in it. It lacks the relationship that Jesus showed. He walked amongst us. He slept in our houses. He touched the sick. He ate in our houses with the worst of the worst.

    It is VITAL that we search the scriptures and SEE that Jesus had no system. Every person was given different words. Sometimes He healed with words, sometimes by touch, sometimes He came to their house, sometimes He didn’t. Sometimes the person had faith, sometimes the person’s boss had faith (the centurion) and sometimes the person didn’t even KNOW who Jesus was (the man at bethsaida well). One time Jesus healed the guard who was arresting Him – with no thanks from the guard… they STILL went on to arrest Him!

    Think about the incredible LACK of system. What drew us to Jesus was simply… His humanity and His ability to love and help. That alone is the thing that draws us to God. That is what drew me to some of the healing people in my life. They accepted me. They had no agenda for me. They were not in a rush. They simply loved me. SO I entrusted myself to God working through them.

    That is my hard earned experience. It is not what you asked for, but it is the truth. You simply must have Him in you so He can work through you to them. And He will work the same way He worked as when He walked on the earth. Informally, without system… just with the goal of loving the person. Giving them what they ask for. Waiting until they ask. Spending loving hours amongst them.

    If I have any system, it is contained in this – contained in what I have written here. Love.

    God bless,

  22. dear brother greetings from nepal. please pray for nepal and send some of your ministry matrilas

    waiting for your reply
    evanglist rajendra

    Namaste Rajendra! I have been to Nepal THREE times. I love it there. God bless you for being an active Christian in a part of the world which very much needs Jesus Christ. May God bless you and empower you for the work He has called you to do in Jesus name. – Mark.

  23. God is so great! I thank Jesus Christ every morning that I wake up. I remember the pain, depression, ignorance and confusion that I have lived through. The hundreds of women that I slept with, the alcoholism, the drugs, the habitual criminal acts. I remember all of that. God is so real. I KNOW I’VE BEEN CHANGED! I am not perfect. I still have things to deal with. But Jesus helps me bear my yoke. True Christians wake up and stop sleeping. Stop being complacent. Where is the fervency?

  24. Great work , thanks for the encouragement, even as a christian all my life what u write is a blessing

    i get great joy from seeing other christians expressing their love for Jesus. I also am extremely great-ful, I was recently delivered from drug
    and alcohol abuse even as a christian, like u said i didnt have a relationship with him. Now Jesus is the center of my life, now I really know God, and not just about him. About maybe a year and a half ago i was yearning for Gods love late one night (before I was completly delivered)and I turned on the tv and there was the video of hillsong (there is nothing like) I felt Gods embracement it was indescribable. Im new with internet stuff but I told God I wanted to see the video or hear the song that left such an unforgetable memory in my heart. so I did the google thing and there was the video on your page, blog, but nevertheless the video still ministers to me the same way now that it did that night.Then again these days there so many things that make me feel his love that way. Im so thankful.God is wonderful, and he is great and faithfull in all things, even in this blog. I was blessed .

    Keep up the great work , I know u please the Lord.

    thanks mark and God keep on blessing you.

    Hi David. Thanks for sharing your words, your story and your kindness. I hope you get a blog – you have a lot to offer other people through your vision, insight and writing.

  25. Just found your blog via WP’s tag surfer, and posted that cool stop motion video from YouTube. I tracked that blog’s about page to this blog, to this blog’s about page. Now, I’m saying, “Hi.” I subscribed and will read up more on your stuff. Cool to see ya serving Him and blogging along the way.

    In HIS grip!

    Hi Toby

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m over at your blog now too.

    Bless you,

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