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Hi, I’m Mark Wilson. I write this blog.

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ms_word_iconBook: If My people (v33!) (1.1MB) – A free daily devotional which is under development. +-150 pages.

ms_word_iconKey prayer scriptures (v3) – “He is the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.” – Rom 4:17

ms_word_icon2008-9 Prophecies and Miracles v2 (3MB) – A collection of all blog posts relating to the prophecies and fulfilled miracles during my stay in Australia. <100 pages. Feedback welcome!

I use this blog to share my experiences, the things I have learned and to invest into other people. I hope that I am loving God and loving you through this blog.

In some ways it is a sort of a bible verse scrapbook. Verses that I rely on and stand on in my walk. Standing on verses kinda seems like I stand higher… closer to Him. He is always the focus, the verses just help me figure out what I want from Him and help me express those desires.

Nothing on this blog (which I have written) is copyright. Feel free to use anything I have written for His glory.

Enjoy your stay here and please leave lots of comments. You can email me markrobertwilson @ gmail . com I am also on facebook. If you know me even just a little bit, then contact me.

46 responses to “About Mark

  1. The last comment I can see is from February of this year but I wanted you to know that during prayer last night, I heard “Love my people”. I’ve had some question about what my spriritual gift(s) might be recently. So, I googled those words this morning and came across your blog. Thanks so much for making things a little clearer and biblically based! Keep up the great work!

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  3. Downloaded your devotional today. Thanks for putting this together. I read some and found it very insightful. I’m trying to do something very similar on my site. I’m working on some free Bible study materials. But it’s still a work-in-progress.

    God Bless,

  4. Loving the book! I have got a long way through it and I think you have it straight in many ways. I hope it encourages you that people like me are praying your style of prayers back at you! Blessings!

  5. Hi Mark,
    Your articles are truly practical and a blessing to read! I feel a peace when reading it. Also, your Web site is very easy on the eyes to read. I’m going through a wilderness type experience in my life- you know when you feel like there is trouble in every part of your life. I’ve had intense stress, loss, and countless personal attacks from the time I’ve been pregnant about two years ago. I wonder if you could write something about how to deal with a wilderness experience. May God richly bless you on your birthday, especially for your ministry.

  6. I woke this AM terribly depressed but through the guidaance and grace of God and my 12 step program background I looked up depression and after just a bit of reading about learning to love God, others and myself flt much much better. Sometimes I profess that I let go, but allow toxic “others” to taks up space in my head “rent free”, then I am on a downward spiral. After many years on this program I pretty much can recognize this when its happening. Thank you for your great blog!!! G

  7. Hi Mark,
    With your interest in Wigglesworth, and the Pentecostals of that early generation, you might find my website to be a blessing: http://www.brothermel.com. On my website, I feature recordings by F.F. Bosworth, Howard Carter, Stanley Frodsham, Kenneth Hagin, David Du Plessis, T.L. Osborn, and many others teaching and preaching on a variety of subjects. These can be listend to by download, for free. Just go to http://www.brothermel.com, and click on “Rare Recordings.” I was prepared for prophetic ministry by the Rev. and Mrs. J.R. Goodwin, who taught Kenneth Hagin about spiritual gifts, and he patterned his prophetic ministry after the flow he saw in the Goodwins. Howard Carter said of the Goodwins’ church that it was one of only two he had seen in his entire life that had all nine gifts of the Spirit in full manifestation. I teach on my website on spiritual gifts, and on what genuine prophetic ministry is, and is not. I also itinerate and teach in churches big and small about the flow of the Holy Spirit. Please visit the website some time. I believe the recordings will be a blessing to you.

    Kind Regards,
    Brother Mel
    Joplin, MO USA

  8. Hi Mark,
    I stumbled upon your blog through a google search. I was searching to find out if the bible says anything about taking care of yourself. I know it sounds so stupid, but I feel guilty if I do things for myself. I don’t eat right or take time to do the things that are just second nature to most people. If I have time to do something for myself I feel that I have time to do something to benefit someone other than me or please God. I have three kids, a wonderful husband, and an awesome relationship with my Lord Jesus, but I am in a healing phase of my life. I completely relate to your blog. I was also sexually abused and have had many bad things happen to me over the course of my life thus far. I was abused by my step father from the time I was 8 until I was 13 and I was sexually abused by my real father once (I didnt even know it until I was 17!!) and I was emotionally and physically abused by my ex-step mother for 8 years. My husband is in the military and has been deployed three times and in those times I have had to be alone raising our kids. All three of my kids were born early and two of them were hospitalized for a period of time and I was hospitalized for a month with my youngest. After finally trying to confront my father about beating my mom, sexually abusing my cousins and myself, he disowned me for almost 2 weeks and then he finally called me to work things out, but basically only wanted to keep me from telling my grandmother of his dirty secrets. I forgave him and tried to start over with him and then he died of an unexpected heart attack this past January (4 months after our confrontation.) I have three younger siblings and I told my step mom about what my dad did to me but she believed whatever story my dad told her. After my dad’s death I opened up to my aunt and she basically called me a liar and yelled at me for telling her this after my dad is dead and gone and can’t defend himself. This brought back memories of how I told my mom about my step dad abusing me and she also refused to believe me and so now I am treated as the bad one from the family I was born into (my dad’s side.) My mom is still married to my step father (after going to two different pastors and them telling her to stay with him) and I have forgiven him and we have somewhat of a good relationship, but I will never trust him alone with my kids. I almost lost my mom a couple months ago due to her health issues. My father was 51 and my mom is 50 and I am 27. I got pregnant and married young, but thankfully I am happilly married! I believe God is preparing me for something, but I have so many questions that I feel no one understands. So needless to say I have had many personality flaws to overcome but I still have so much further to go. I felt comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who has read the bible and seen God’s anger and how we must do everything for everyone else and put ourselves very last. I have a hard time feeling loved and lovable. I don’t take time out to do anything that I enjoy because I don’t feel I deserve it. I was angry at God for a long time but thankfully I am not anymore. I wanted to know why for so long and God just showed me that if I know “Who” (Him) the why doesn’t matter. I know He has a bigger plan and that is why He did not rescue me from my abuse when I called out to Him. Just as Jesus cried out “Father Father, why have you forsaken me.” He had a bigger plan then and I have to trust there is a reason why He allowed me to endure so much pain and suffering in my life. I am just confused about prayer now. Does it make a difference? I ask Him for things but I don’t know if I am doubting and not going boldly to the thrown just because I know He is soverign. I just don’t think He answers my prayers and I am asking Him to help me know what I am doing to hinder them from being answered so I can change that. I’m more confused now than anything else. I am seeking, studying, praying, and now I am just waiting. I have hope that someday I will be able to enjoy my life and not feel I am doomed until I get to heaven. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for sharing because it helps me to know I’m not the only one who struggles with these sorts of things. God Bless you!

    • TK,I know you wrote this post a while ago, so I don’t know if you’ll ever see this reply, but your soul cries out to mine. I want to be your ally in healing. Please visit my blog, Variegated Vision @ http://mollyjayne40.wordpress.com/ with special focus on the category “Pigeon Feed” for which there is a link at the top. Other posts will be valuable too, but many in that category are written by one of our regular contributors, Memje, who writes most often on recovery and healing. God bless you. You are not alone. Don’t ever think that no one cares because I do!

  9. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your fantastic web site. God used your web site tonight to speak to me and I will be forever greatful!

  10. Dear Mark,
    I , too , am challenged with attachment issues, codependency, and feel this kind of inner pain every day- only occasionally do I feel it lift. I am involved with CR -for one year. Good for me to have a group, but it is a challenge to stick in here. I have done lots of Christian self help books through-out the years,: am still working on it. Sometimes I want to give up because it is so much hard work for me.
    Just when I think I have made progress, I feel stuck again.
    I thank you so much for your writing and for the fact that God has blessed you with an incredible ability to express yourself, and your to share your experiences.
    Don’t mean this to sound weird, but I did not think there were men that could express their feelings this openly, and with so much insight., as well as sensitivity to others.
    I am touched by your relationship with Christ- the only attachment that matters the very most. He will never leave nor forsake us. The friend that sticks closer than a brother- may His friendship show us all how to befriend one another , and find true companionship on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Thanks Mark!!!! Well done!!!
    In Christ,

  11. Great site mark.
    Glad to see that people are doing their best to take the internet for Jesus.
    I have similar sites and daily devotional . Feel free to read at http://www.his-love.us
    P.S. Despite all the gloom about South Africa, we will become a country of power in both the spreading of Jesus and in our economy.
    God Bless

  12. Hi Mark, I found your website when trying to help my friend with depression. When I asked him how he felt and he wrote back to me that he felt “Empty”. That make me worry about him and start to “google”. I want to help him out as he not in really good condition, beside lost his job and with his “bipola”. Most of the time he felt low. I know that he also going through difficulty with his relationship. He live by himself with very little of friend. There time that I tried to encouraged him, but seem like no help. I’m not sure what more to do to help my friend.


  13. Hi Mark

    I stumbled upon this blog. I just lost my husband and have been going through this loneliness and emptiness. Your words of Christ filled messages have been very comforting.

  14. Hi Mark,

    I have been touched by a sermon on TV where the preacher talked about Isaiah 49:16, “See I have written your name in the palm of my hand.” I have been searching for it cause I didn’t remember the Bible verse, but you have it here. Thank you for your willingness to share His love, it helps those of us who lose our way from time to time.

    You are working as a shepherd.


  15. Hi Mark Great site! I am a singer songwriter about to release my first record in November and I was wondering if I may be so bold as to ask your permission to use the 3Ripple picture that you have on your site?
    It is exactly what I am looking for (the record is to be called Skimming Stones) so it would really make my day if you say yes!!
    If by some chance you don’t own copyright for the picture would you have any idea who does so that I may ask them.
    God Bless

  16. HI Mark… you’re blog is a blessing! keep running the Good Race! my prayers are with you..regards from the Philippines

    Thanks Nap! – Mark.

  17. What a blessing I stumble upon your blog. I googled “feeling empty” because I felt empty. Then I click this blog because the title of your blog “achristian” and I was curious about wordpress com. I’m looking for a blog that makes sense. this one makes sense to me. Jesus makes sense to me.

    Thanks for your encouragement Annie! Keep reading, keep growing. – Mark.

  18. Wow. I read your “What to do when you feel empty”–I couldn’t have come across it at a better time! As a just-graduated-psych major, graduating from an Honors Program at a Christian school, this blog could totally have fit in with things I would have read in class.
    I appreciate your work and pray that God can reach more people through your words:).

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I had no idea it fit this well. I was just writing from my gut. And thanks for your prayers Becca. I pray and ask God to use you and bless you in your career. – Mark.

  19. Little Note for ‘Kay’, ‘does it pay to be a christian, you ask’, Well the wages are low, but the benefits are out of this world. Truly, a christian is not of this world, but sojourn here till His coming. As for playing a role as a christian … well going to Mcdonald’s does not make you a hamburger. A christian is Born from above, by the Spirit of God. A renewed creature, that desires to live for God. Not the ‘Well I better not do this, or that”, But wanting to really to please God with a love for him. Yes, you’ll have your bad days, but that don’t make you no less Saved by God. But be sure to make matters right with ‘who ever’, and God to restore fellowship with Him. 🙂

  20. Mark,
    You mentioned in a blog that Maslow became a christian before he died. Do you have anymore information on that experience? Do you have a resource that I could learn more about that?
    you can email me at bgskaggs@hotmail.com

    Thank you for your help.

  21. Hi Mark! I found your Blog when I updated my Tag Surfer! It was refreshing to find it. I’ve been studying the scriptures you’ve so faithfully researched, studied, prayed about and I’m sure meditated upon…there are wonderful insights there. Thank you. I will continue in them since you can’t rush through them. (great recommendation) It will help me with my articles. Thanks! God is good. Well, I write seven Blogs but probably have 9 out there and so I’m busy and all…but I’ll stop in from time to time. Also, if you get a chance stop in at Cafe Sozo. Blessings & Love

    Thanks for stopping by “peaceful”. And thanks for taking the time to say these encouraging words. May God bless you! – Mark.

  22. Hello mark,

    I came about your blog while doing a search “does it pay to be a christian”, I guess some things were just not going right, and I was wonderring if I should continue to put up a good front. For some time I had been seeking friendship with God, you know some kind of bonding, I am not there yet, am still searching……

  23. Dear Mark,

    You do not know me, neither do I know you, but I stumbled across your blog.

    And I find it so honest, sincere and true that I cannot help but feel as if I have known you, as an old friend, a long time ago…

    but only in the fairy tale sense.

    I am an 18 year-old dancer, and my blog is ewisdomowoman.wordpress.com / noseonastick.diaryland.com / achildogod.blogspot.com.

    If you feel the spirit calling you to contact me, perhaps we might get a chance to get to know each other a little better.

    I really have no idea what possesses me to be quite so open to a complete stranger. I try not to make it a practise to be so open to such people, but something in your writing tells me that you are an exception to the rule.

    Xin Hui

  24. Mark,
    Its a long shot…but did you ever live in Alabama? There was a guy (Mark Wilson) who was a leader in YFC, huge impact on my life. I’ve lost touch with him, been more than 20yrs since I’ve heard from him. You the man?

  25. Hi Mark.
    I love your blog. Very helpful.
    I googled emotional healing , the christian ways,–that is how I came to your blog.

    God bless you

  26. Mark,
    What a wonderful daily walk with God you have been! May God continue to bless you life and your daily travels. I am blessed through your writings. And how fortunate that has been for me, for I’ll not forget that God has a plan for you, for me, and for everyone of us.


  27. The more I read your posts, the more I enjoy and learn. For this I’m passing on the “thinking blogger award” to you…check it out on my site. Keep being real and keep challenging!!!

    Thanks Rindy!! – Mark.

  28. Hi Mark,

    I recently found your blog through a google search, and I just wanted to say what I’ve read so far has truly inspired me. Seems like you are genuinely helping other believers apply God’s word to their lives by sharing your personal experiences etc. – things we can relate to! =) Who knew an internet blog would help me in my walk with the Lord!

    Thanks again!
    God bless.

    Hi Megan. Thanks a million for your kind words. Believe me when I say that I had no idea it would turn out like this. It’s as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. God bless you, Mark.

  29. Hey Mark!

    Hope you are doing well. I am back writing a lot on my blog, so feel free to pop in sometime!

    God bless you will all you are doing and I pray that you are growing in godliness in relationship with Jesus each and every day 🙂


    Hi Emily. I popped into your blog – it looks great and the feeling I get is that you’ve hit a new and wonderful stage in your life. Exciting! Thanks for your prayer. God bless you! – Mark.

  30. Hey sorry I haven’t been leaving lots of comments, but I have been reading these verses you share and they have been blessing me. Especially the last one – Isaiah 54.6-17.
    Thanks for this blog 🙂 I like how you highlight in different colours its easy themewise reading.

    God bless you

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