If My people (daily devotional)

This is a book which I am writing, which I plan to publish in the near future. It’s being written in a devotional format with each day posing a different or related concept which fills in the foundation of your faith.

Download the full daily devotional

ms_word_iconBook: If My people (v35!) (1MB+) – A free daily devotional. 167 pages.
Final ver. Needs editing.

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4 responses to “If My people (daily devotional)

  1. Your website has really helped me – especially the blogs on depression. Thankyou for providing this kind of help and support! Do you have any blogposts regarding God’s calling/career advice? I’m at a stage of life where I have no idea what I’m doing, just feeling really lost and I’m between jobs… I don;t know what to do

    • Hi Darrell

      Thanks for visiting this site and thanks for leaving your comment. If you have a bible try reading the gospel of John, the book of John. It’s a great introduction to things.

      For my 2c… read on…

      There is a God… and this world is separated from God… which we can see because of all the hurt and pain and decay that is in this world.

      Jesus Christ’s main claim is that we are separated from God because of our “sin”. His claim is that He has paid for that “sin” and if we accept His payment on our behalf, then we will be reconciled to God.

      It’s a step of faith to believe that we are separated from God. It’s a step of faith to believe that this world can be better than it is. It’s a step of faith to believe that Jesus Christ is the way to improve this world and reconnect us back to God.

      If you are willing to take this step of faith, you simply pray out loud to Jesus Christ and tell Him what it is you believe. You can tell God that Jesus Christ has made the payment for you. Then go out and find a church that you feel helps you learn, get involved at the church, make friends and learn more.

      That’s the essence of Christianity. Receiving God’s love shown through Jesus Christ, and getting involved in a loving church (or some sort of Christian community). Love God, love others.

      That’s it, in a nutshell. I hope it helped? 🙂

      God bless,

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