Day 1: If My people

Today is day one of this devotional. Why is it a devotional? Jesus Christ said we Christians are called to be salt and light in this world. That means you are to have an impact on this world. This is a profound role to have. It will take time to adjust to. That is why this book is written in the form of a devotional – so that you can take one aspect at a time, day by day.

So I welcome you to day one of a book which I hope will not only transform your life, but also your family’s and the lives of people in the world around you – including those who do not believe in Jesus Christ. This devotional breaks each concept into one or more days so that you have a bite sized chunk to digest as you go about your day.

We cannot move into this role with arrogance or with a controlling spirit or inner nature. Whatever we do, it must be done in love, because without love the bible says the sound we make is not a good/sweet/bold sounding bell, instead it’s a clanging bell… it’s harsh on the ears of everyone who hears.

Today, being the first day of this book, let’s start off easy. No heavy duty scriptures, no new concepts, just a short quick day to get your inner mental machinery running. I’m simply asking you to explore what you already know about Jesus Christ, the bible and Christianity.

Today, please take time to consider your favorite verses in the bible, like salt and light verses (Matt 5:14), or the verse where Jesus says that we can forgive or retain sins, verses that you already know which point to Christians having an impact on the world around them. Today, also consider your favorite leaders in the bible, think about their leadership styles and the things they did, the things God did through them and how He caused them to have an impact on the world.

Consider why Jesus said that a city on a hill is not hidden. Are you hidden? Would you prefer to be hidden? Does He want you to be hidden? In my own process of being revealed, He has pointed me to research how many times He said to Joshua to be “strong and courageous” and I encourage you to think big, to choose to be open to the very big opportunity before every reader of this devotional. Be very bold and very courageous, just as He told Joshua.

Download the full daily devotional

ms_word_iconBook: If My people (v35!) (1MB+) – A free daily devotional. 167 pages. Final ver. Needs editing.


8 responses to “Day 1: If My people

  1. Mark, keep that bright light shining…you are living the word! Thank you for helping us all to do the same!

  2. I Am a pastor of a church and believe that God’s word is to worn on the outside and not hidden .

  3. of a truth the Lord has ministered to me through this devotional today, and i can boldly confess to you that am bless. thank you for allowing God to use you this way. more grace

  4. Your site is sound in biblical principles…according to the word of God.
    I look forward in spending time on this life site! God’s blessings on all you do
    in His Kingdom! May He release an even stronger increase of anointing on this ministry…for Jesus’ sake…as well as yours.

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