Day 2: Living under the law of life and the spirit

For the law of the Spirit of life [which is] in Christ Jesus [the law of our new being] has freed me from the law of sin and of death – Rom 8:2

Wow, that is a brave statement to make, that a person really can end the influence of sin and death in their lives. And I’m writing this book, under the prompting of the Holy Spirit I believe, to say that yes you can end the impact of sin and death in your life – and also in the lives of those around you.

Paul writes that all scripture is useful for instruction or teaching, but he also says we live according to our level of faith which is given as a gift to us. Let’s add to that, Jesus taught that it is a principle of His Kingdom that if we use what we have been given, then we are given more (that is described in the parable of the talents).

I have been walking this path for many years now. This may have been alarming some people around me, but encouraging others who are desperate for the same freedom… they are desperate enough to also reach out to Him for more.

In the end, if we use the faith He has given us, then He will give us more. Everyone therefore can accept different levels of what is written about Jesus Christ in the bible.

Some people may have the faith to accept all of , some can only accept what He did for themselves… sadly some people cannot even accept His atonement for them and they remain under judgement and they will keep struggling until someone intervenes.

And it is the role of a Christian to intervene. We may be surprised by this role, we may have low esteem of ourselves, but Jesus Christ clearly said WE are now the light of this world – through Him, and we can never be separated from Him otherwise we can do nothing.

It is your and my job to be salt and light to this world. As Paul said, we do war, but we are not fighting people or governments, instead we are warring against spiritual powers and principalities – specifically sin and death. How we do this? And how bold we are willing to be? These are some of the topics of this book.

Today, consider what level of faith you have, what is it that you believe – and ask yourself if you are using what you have been given?! Are you salt to the world around you? Are you light to the people around you? You may only have a little saltiness, you may only have been given a little light – are you using it? If you use it, you will be given more.

Consider that the more you have, the more you can impact not only your own world, but the world all around you. There is nothing beyond the reach of your increasing salt and light – politics, economics, the blessing of rain to farmers and even the healing of land.

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2 responses to “Day 2: Living under the law of life and the spirit

  1. i grew up in a negative evil thinking atheist home and have struggled with self for a long time i think your book is long over due i just found this this morning and it is encouraging and up lifting and will serve a good purpose thanks

    • May I ask what book, I have a boyfriend who is athiest currently things are bad between us. He was brought up Catholic. I dont know how to talk to him about being a Christian because he has such negative view point regarding Jesus. I am a Christian myself but i become scared to bring up anything Christian because of his back lashing and putting it down. Im afraid for his future. He knows what I believe and that I agree with being a Christian just not so much when it turns religious. I have struggled with that alot because Im not perfect and I feel I have to be to be a Good Christian.

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