Day 6: Practical consequences of sin

Yesterday we considered the biblical foundation of sin andwe saw that everyone – without exception – is under the power of it.

Today we consider the practical examples of sin in the bible. Take the time to look up these verses, it will help you understand and have compassion on the condition of the world – and it will assist you to understand the solution that God provided to get us out of this mess.

NOTE: Sin, trespasses, wickedness, rebellion, guilt and iniquity are all related and are sin, because we have fallen short of the glory/perfection of the Lord.

From God’s prophet Isaiah

  • Is 24:3-13 Because of trespasses the land is defiled and life becomes hard
  • Is 30:13 Because of iniquities our protection against enemies is broken
  • Is 50:1 Because of iniquities, God divorced His own wife (people/nation)
  • Is 59:1-3 Because of iniquities we are separated from God’s, He has hidden His face, He will not hear us
  • Is 64:5 Sin brings God’s anger on us
  • Is 64:6 Because of iniquities, we are separated from God’s favor and we are hurrying to destruction
  • Is 64:7 Because of our sins, He has hidden His face from us, our iniquities consume us
  • Is 66:3-4 Our sins brings delusions, mockings, calamities and afflictions on ourselves

From God’s prophet Jeremiah

  • Jer 2:3-4 Our sins keep the rain away
  • Jer 30:15 Our sins cause hurt and pain
  • Jer 31: 30 Our iniquity brings death
  • Jer 33:20 Our sin of breaking the covenant enables God to break His covenant
  • Jer 44:6-7 Our wickedness brings God’s wrath and anger
  • Jer 44:5 Our sins bring God’s anger upon us
  • Jer 44:6 Our sins remove God from us
  • Jer 44:7 Our sins cause God to hide His face from us

From God’s prophet Ezekiel

  • Ez 33:14-15 our iniquity and sin causes death
  • Ez 39:22 Iniquity causes God to hide His face from us and our enemies overcome us

Today we covered some of the practical ways in which our inevitable sin brings trouble on our lives. We can see this trouble, just look around the world, look at the wars, look at the abortions, divorces, abuse, theft and rape statistics. It’s not hidden from us, we may simply be used to it, acclimatised, desensitized to seeing it any more.

Tomorrow we take one last exploration into the fallen state of this world, trapped under sin, unable to stop death from reigning and most importantly – physically separated from God in Heaven.

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