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Download the Diary of a Revival (2009-2012) – This is my private journal over that 3 year period. Very little of this content is published anywhere, not even on this Faith Hope Love blog. This content can only be read in this free download.

Download If My People Book (.doc) – a daily devotional to transform your life and your world around you.

Download the 2008-9-prophecies-and-miracles-v2 A real life intercession and miraculous change to the drought situation in Australia from 2008-9. Or view the full collection of posts online (including the posts above) but the online posts which stretch through to 2010, whereas the download (above) is only until 2009.

Download some Key prayer scriptures v3.0 A list of scriptures you can pray over your life daily. Or view this list of scriptures in the online version which might be updated occasionally.

Prophecy over my life by David Wagner on 16 Feb 2013

At 1.50 you can hear my breathing become extremely heavy as God’s Spirit falls on me and through me. It reminds me of when Evan Roberts prayed “O Lord bend me” and the Holy Spirit fell on him and set things in their right position within Evan.

If you cannot view the SoundCloud app directly below then click this link.

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