Southern Tip of Africa Fire Propehcies

Do you want revival right there where you live? Then please pay attention to this post!  It has to start somewhere but it will come to you as well  🙂

Regular readers over the year know that I have been saying that God promises the following things:

  1. Financial Crisis (present)
  2. Propehcy Holy City & new Jerusalem
  3. Prophecy Edom
  4. Prophecy Peace everywhere
  5. Prophecy Revival everywhere

You can view all the posts associated to each of those prophesies by viewing them in the drop down menu at the top of this blog site…


1. The financial crisis is a part of the current judgement occuring. (The judgement is far more than just a financial crisis.) See…

Is 4:4 “The Lord will wash away the filth of the women of Zion; he will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by s spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire.”

Fire is connected to the Holy Spirit and means revival/renewal.

2. The Holy City relates to Isaiah 4 where God’s manifest Presence can be seen over and in Jerusalem… while the world is in severe economic hardship (“And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man”). The Holy City is more than just for Jerusalem, but I am convinced that it will be in Jerusalem as well as elsewhere.

3. Id rather not talk about.

4. Peace Everywhere is the result of judgment + revival. See…

Is 4:4 “The Lord will wash away the filth of the women of Zion; he will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by s spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire.”

Fire is connected to the Holy Spirit and means revival/renewal.

5. Revival Everywhere… is what Id like to chat about in this blog post…

3 three things on my heart

When I came back to gorgeous South Africa in 2009 I had various things on my heart. One of them was a 24 hour prayers center. God led me to pray in specific places around Cape Town and now 5.5 years later Ive been blessed to meet people who have started prayer centers at each of those locations. Only one location where I felt there should be a prayer center has not (yet) become one.

Another thing on my heart was that God wanted to heal me and make me into a better man… and when I say better I mean cleaner, stronger,, wiser, emotionally warmer. In  all respects He has achieved His goals and Im very grateful for these 5+ years here in lovely Cape Town.

The other thing on my heart was/is a directive by God to travel up through Africa to Cairo and then Israel. God said that revival would break out just as I leave CT and I will take His Presence with me up Africa and into Jerusalem.

In late 2013 and then early 2014 that travel plan began to become a reality. Here is some more of the back-story.

The back-story

Back in 2010 I began to hear about a very old prophecy from 1908 that revival fire would travel up from Cape Town – where I live – up through Africa to Jerusalem and then to the world. I perked up at hearing this because it matched what God was saying to me. But what confused me was that the prophecy details seems to shift and change – so I ignored it as an urban legend or myth.

When I discovered that the Chinese tarred the parts of the “highway” which cars could not drive along (in Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya) during 2013… just in time for my trip in 2014… I thought the right time for my trip had come!

I began to meet with a a fellowship and I had no idea that the explicit reason for that fellowship was the “highway” from Cape Town to Jerusalem. After at least 6 months of being with them I discovered this and I began to suspect that God really was up to something  🙂

During the time at that fellowship I was blessed to meet and to be prayed for by Jansie Fourie. She had travelled the “7 highways” from around the world to Jerusalem.  I bought her book about her journey along the highway from Cape Town to Jerusalem.

But let’s get back to those prophesies about the fire

Now – in 2014 – very recently I’ve become aware that there wasn’t just one prophecy in 1908 about fire moving up from Cape Town to Cairo and then to Jerusalem… there are 40 (or more) of them by different people!

And even more wonderfully it turns out that a man – André Baard (with the help of others) – was tasked by God in 2006 to compile a list of them all.

He did it! He even has it in PDF format. And he has a website!  And a very cool logo!


Here are a few words from André Baard…

All the words share these specific details, these are the common and unique points of this perennial prophecy for the church in Cape Town:

  • The fire will originate from the southern tip of Africa
  • The fire will spread north through Africa
  • The fire will spread from Africa into the rest of the world

What is amazing is that Reverends, Doctors, Prophets, Pastors, Ministers, lay preachers, CEO’s, businessmen and many others from Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA have all said the same thing! That is an awful lot of different people from different places over an awfully long time saying the same specific thing!

Pls visit his site and check out all the prophetic words which are all in his PDF.

André completed his work last week… also just in time! Now I am sure that God is up to something. Watch this space… it’s going to be wonderful  🙂

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