Science disproves the Big Bang theory (CERN/LHC)

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When scientists completed the LHC research into the Higgs Boson particle some of them concluded that an outside force – AKA God – must be influencing this world.  See: Scientists at CERN LHC prove the existence of God (Higgs Boson)

Now it gets even more interesting… from a Christian point of view that is.

Read this quote…

The nature of the newly discovered Higgs Boson particle appears to point to the universe blinking out of existence mere moments after the Big Bang.

In other words… that theory obviously is incorrect… it doesnt work.

“This is an unacceptable prediction of the theory … if this had happened, we wouldn’t be around to discuss it!” –  study leader Robert Hogan of King’s College London said in a news release.

And even more interestingly…

“If BICEP2 is shown to be correct, it tells us that there has to be interesting new particle physics beyond the standard model” Hogan said.

The LEADER of the project is saying that the standard model is incomplete or incorrect.

A scientist from King’s College London recreated a model of the Big Bang incorporating cosmic inflation theory and the Higgs-boson, and found that the universe is impossible. – Our universe is impossible and we shouldn’t exist, Higgs-boson scientist says


The universe collapses moments after it is created

So… Higgs Boson proves that God exists and as if that wasn’t enough it then goes on to prove that the Big Bang theory could not work?

FWIW another big announcement was the discovery of gravity waves (or ripples) which supposedly would have proved the Big Bang theory (and evolution). But instead that announcement was premature some scientists say: Big Bang evidence now being doubted by scientists

Astronomers who recently announced to the world the found evidence of gravity waves in the wake of the big bang now say they could be wrong. A series of astronomers and physicist have raised criticisms about the study. – Big Bang evidence now being doubted by scientists

As Ive said before, Ive always expected good honest unbiased science to prove the existence of God.


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