Sin as a noun in Romans

This is a completely different kind of post. It’s me sharing an observation that has profoundly changed my view of what Jesus did on the cross. We know He was the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Or was it the “sins” of the world? If it was “sin” then it was the noun – the thing called sin, if its was “sins” then it was the verbs that we do.

Joh 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin(Noun G266) of the world.

Below is the entire listing of the words sin in the book of Romans. There are two greek words for sin hamartanō (VERB G264) and hamartia (Noun G266) and in the book of Romans the verb is used only 2 times and the noun is used 46 times. All the instances of each are below and are highlighted… for the doubting Thomases!

Could it be that Jesus Christ took SIN (the noun, the complete thing, the thing itself) onto Himself, rather than just taking one or two or many confessed sins (the verbs, the “doing” words)? The difference is enormous.

Chew deeply on this meat and let it sink in and renew your thoughts. Jesus Christ has performed a complete work, a fundamental change to this world, a new heaven and a new earth… and all of it is yours and mine to be received by faith.


Verb G264 – Present 2 times
Thayer Definition:
1) to be without a share in
2) to miss the mark
3) to err, be mistaken
4) to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honour, to do or go wrong
5) to wander from the law of God, violate God’s law, sin
Part of Speech: verb
A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: perhaps from G1 (as a negative particle) and the base of G3313


Noun G266 – Present 46 times
Thayer Definition:
1) equivalent to 264
1a) to be without a share in
1b) to miss the mark
1c) to err, be mistaken
1d) to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honour,to do or go wrong
) to wander from the law of God, violate God’s law, sin
2) that which is done wrong, sin, an offence, a violation of the divine law in thought or in act
3) collectively, the complex or aggregate of sins committed either by a single person or by many
Part of Speech: noun feminine
A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: from G264


What5101 then?3767 are we better4284 than they? No,3756 in no wise:3843 for1063 we have before proved4256 both5037 Jews2453 and2532 Gentiles,1672 that they are1511 all3956 under5259 sin;266 – Rom 3:9 KJV+

Therefore1360 by1537 the deeds2041 of the law3551 there shall no3756, 3956 flesh4561 be justified1344 in his sight:1799, 846 for1063 by1223 the law3551 is the knowledge1922 of sin.266 – Rom 3:20 KJV+

Blessed3107 is the man435 to whom3739 the Lord2962 will not3364 impute3049 sin.266 – Rom 4:8 KJV+

Wherefore,1223, 5124 as5618 by1223 one1520 man444 sin266 entered1525 into1519 the3588 world,2889 and2532 death2288 by1223 sin;266 and2532 so3779 death2288 passed1330 upon1519 all3956 men,444 for1909 that3739 all3956 have sinned:VERB 264 – Rom 5:12 KJV+

(For1063 until891 the law3551 sin266 was2258 in1722 the world:2889 but1161 sin266 is not3756 imputed1677 when there is5607 no3361 law.3551 – Rom 5:13 KJV+

Moreover1161 the law3551 entered,3922 that2443 the3588 offense3900 might abound.4121 But1161 where3757 sin266 abounded,4121 grace5485 did much more abound:5248 – Rom 5:20 KJV+

That2443 as5618 sin266 hath reigned936 unto1722 death,2288 even2532 so3779 might grace5485 reign936 through1223 righteousness1343 unto1519 eternal166 life2222 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 – Rom 5:21 KJV+

What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Shall we continue1961 in sin,266 that2443 grace5485 may abound?4121 – Rom 6:1 KJV+

God forbid.1096, 3361 How4459 shall we, that3748 are dead599 to sin,266 live2198 any longer2089 therein?1722, 846 – Rom 6:2 KJV+

Knowing1097 this,5124 that3754 our2257 old3820 man444 is crucified with4957 him, that2443 the3588 body4983 of sin266 might be destroyed,2673 that henceforth3371 we2248 should not serve1398 sin.266 – Rom 6:6 KJV+

For1063 he that is dead599 is freed1344 from575 sin.266 – Rom 6:7 KJV+

For1063 in that3739 he died,599 he died599 unto sin266 once:2178 but1161 in that3739 he liveth,2198 he liveth2198 unto God.2316 – Rom 6:10 KJV+

Likewise3779 reckon3049 ye5210 also2532 yourselves1438 to be1511 dead3498 indeed3303 unto sin,266 but1161 alive2198 unto God2316 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 – Rom 6:11 KJV+

Let not3361 sin266 therefore3767 reign936 in1722 your5216 mortal2349 body,4983 that ye should obey5219 it846 in1722 the3588 lusts1939 thereof.848 – Rom 6:12 KJV+

Neither3366 yield3936 ye your5216 members3196 as instruments3696 of unrighteousness93 unto sin:266 but235 yield3936 yourselves1438 unto God,2316 as5613 those that are alive2198 from1537 the dead,3498 and2532 your5216 members3196 as instruments3696 of righteousness1343 unto God.2316 – Rom 6:13 KJV+

For1063 sin266 shall not3756 have dominion over2961 you:5216 for1063 ye are2075 not3756 under5259 the law,3551 but235 under5259 grace.5485 – Rom 6:14 KJV+

What5101 then?3767 shall we sin,VERB 264 because3754 we are2070 not3756 under5259 the law,3551 but235 under5259 grace?5485 God forbid.1096, 3361 – Rom 6:15 KJV+

Know1492 ye not,3756 that3754 to whom3739 ye yield3936 yourselves1438 servants1401 to1519 obey,5218 his servants1401 ye are2075 to whom3739 ye obey;5219 whether2273 of sin266 unto1519 death,2288 or2228 of obedience5218 unto1519 righteousness?1343 – Rom 6:16 KJV+

But1161 God be thanked,2316, 5485 that3754 ye were2258 the servants1401 of sin,266 but1161 ye have obeyed5219 from1537 the heart2588 that form5179 of doctrine1322, (1519) which3739 was delivered3860 you. – Rom 6:17 KJV+

Being then(1161) made free1659 from575 sin,266 ye became the servants1402 of righteousness.1343 – Rom 6:18 KJV+

For1063 when3753 ye were2258 the servants1401 of sin,266 ye were2258 free1658 from righteousness.1343 – Rom 6:20 KJV+

But1161 now3570 being made free1659 from575 sin,266 and1161 become servants1402 to God,2316 ye have2192 your5216 fruit2590 unto1519 holiness,38 and1161 the3588 end5056 everlasting166 life.2222 – Rom 6:22 KJV+

For1063 the3588 wages3800 of sin266 is death;2288 but1161 the3588 gift5486 of God2316 is eternal166 life2222 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 – Rom 6:23 KJV+

What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Is the3588 law3551 sin?266 God forbid.1096, 3361 Nay,235 I had not3756 known1097 sin,266 but1508 by1223 the law:3551 for1063 I had(5037) not3756 known1492 lust,1939 except1508 the3588 law3551 had said,3004 Thou shalt not3756 covet.1937 – Rom 7:7 KJV+

But1161 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the3588 commandment,1785 wrought2716 in1722 me1698 all manner3956 of concupiscence.1939 For1063 without5565 the law3551 sin266 was dead.3498 – Rom 7:8 KJV+

For1161 I1473 was alive2198 without5565 the law3551 once:4218 but1161 when the3588 commandment1785 came,2064 sin266 revived,326 and1161 I1473 died.599 – Rom 7:9 KJV+

For1063 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the3588 commandment,1785 deceived1818 me,3165 and2532 by1223 it846 slew615 me. – Rom 7:11 KJV+

Was then3767 that which is good18 made1096 death2288 unto me?1698 God forbid.1096, 3361 But235 sin,266 that2443 it might appear5316 sin,266 working2716 death2288 in me3427 by1223 that which is good;18 that2443 sin266 by1223 the3588 commandment1785 might become1096 exceeding2596, 5236 sinful.268 – Rom 7:13 KJV+

For1063 we know1492 that3754 the3588 law3551 is2076 spiritual:4152 but1161 I1473 am1510 carnal,4559 sold4097 under5259 sin.266 – Rom 7:14 KJV+

Now3570 then1161 it is no more3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698 – Rom 7:17 KJV+

Now1161 if1487 I1473 do4160 that5124 I(3739) would2309 not,3756 it is no more3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698 – Rom 7:20 KJV+

But1161 I see991 another2087 law3551 in1722 my3450 members,3196 warring against497 the3588 law3551 of my3450 mind,3563 and2532 bringing me into captivity163, 3165 to the3588 law3551 of sin266 which is5607 in1722 my3450 members.3196 – Rom 7:23 KJV+

I thank2168 God2316 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 So686 then3767 with the3588 mind3563 I1473 myself848, (3303) serve1398 the law3551 of God;2316 but1161 with the3588 flesh4561 the law3551 of sin.266 – Rom 7:25 KJV+

For1063 the3588 law3551 of the3588 Spirit4151 of life2222 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 hath made me free1659, 3165 from575 the3588 law3551 of sin266 and2532 death.2288 – Rom 8:2 KJV+

For1063 what the3588 law3551 could not do,102 in1722 that3739 it was weak770 through1223 the3588 flesh,4561 God2316 sending3992 his own1438 Son5207 in1722 the likeness3667 of sinful266 flesh,4561 and2532 for4012 sin,266 condemned2632 sin266 in1722 the3588 flesh:4561 – Rom 8:3 KJV+

And1161 if1487 Christ5547 be in1722 you,5213 the3588 body4983 is(3303) dead3498 because1223 of sin;266 but1161 the3588 Spirit4151 is life2222 because1223 of righteousness.1343 – Rom 8:10 KJV+

And1161 he that doubteth1252 is damned2632 if1437 he eat,5315 because3754 he eateth not3756 of1537 faith:4102 for1161 whatsoever3956, 3739 is not3756 of1537 faith4102 is2076 sin.266 – Rom 14:23 KJV+

14 responses to “Sin as a noun in Romans

  1. Jesus taught, in John 14, that if we truly love Him we would follow His commandments.
    The last chapter of Matthew, Jesus teaches to teach His commandments to others to follow.
    James, ch 1, teaches to ask for forgiveness of our sins.
    To keep this readable, I will stop there and share that it appears , by Jesus’ teaching and His disciples …we are to follow His commandments and when we fail, we ask for forgiveness and keep growing in Christ. If we aren’t running this race to win…we will be serving the flesh and our love is for self first, not Christ, and we do not have the Truth in us.
    He is first, not srlf, or others.
    We know Who we serve if our decisions, time, effort, thoughts and money surround the One Who gave us life, love and salvation. The first commandment. Read Matthew 10, even if we love a family member more than Christ we are not worthy of Him. When we truly love Him we seek with all of our heart, mind and soul to read the Word, pray, and do His will…not ours…we live for Christ alone as He died for me, you, us. God bless everyone seeking Him with all of your heart mind and soul ♡♡♡

  2. Glory to God. We are heaven ready. Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. Dead to Sin and forever alive to God. We are free from Sin. And like 1 John 3:9 says because we (our Spirit)is born of God We cannot sin. We are a brand new creature in Christ. Exactly like God. Cannot not be corrupted by the flesh. A reminder again. Jesus did not die to the action (verb) of sin, he died to the nature of sin which He Received. Likewise we dead to the nature of sin not to the actions (verb)of sin. And understanding this truth and believing this truth will produce in us right and victorious living or lifestyle (as we have all come to know).thank you for the post and God every minister and believer of the truth. We reign in life. Grace Grace

  3. ALL Sin entered into the World by ONE Man, and ALL Sin even the people in Hell Sin’s were PAID IN FULL the ONLY reason they are in Hell is Denying JESUS CHRIST death, Burial and his Resurrection. He rose from the Dead to SAVE US ALL who would accept him. We are Perfect in JESUS. JESUS GRACE SAVED US FOREVER< He will never leave us or forsake us. Praise his Holy Name. My LORD and MY GOD. The Father, his only begotten SON JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT. ALL GOD Praise his HOLY Name, but we can choose to not except it. That is the way to Death and HELL. NON-BELIEVING… Both are FOREVER. BELIVE GOD"S WORD Study it. Faith comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of GOD.

  4. This truth is fundamental in order for believers to live and walk in the knowledge and the freedom of why Jesus died for us. The power of sin is beyond what human beings can manage. It’s just not possible. Only the blood of Christ has the power to defeat sin. We are his sons and daughters, bought and paid for in full by His death, being transformed into His image. His blood enables to over some sin …if we understand what it truly is. It is not who we are but it is what lives in our bodies. It’s the whole I do the things I shouldn’t and do do the things I should thing.

    Understanding this truth has radically changed my life. I was bound in addiction and numerous other issues. I have been free and living in joy for about a year now. Identity. If we don’t know who we are in Him…we are not complete. We can only struggled to do good. We question and doubt practically everything. I still fail, I still struggle. But I know that the sin that lives in my body tries to control me…but the spirit testifies to my sonship. I am and His and He is mine. My fellowship with Him is now my freedom.

    Few Christians have grasped this. Most of us who arrive here have done so at a great price. It is deep water. May Jesus grant more and more us the power of this revelation. Our identity is who he created us to be…our spirit. Our flesh will die because of sin. We are spirit and shall see Him as he is…and we shall be like Him. I rejoice I came across this post.

    • I made a typo I must correct. 5th sentence…His blood enables us to overcome all sin….not some just some of it

  5. I believe your findings to be true but have not found it clearly in the strongs. Do you have another reference that would clearly support your findings, again which I totally agree with.
    Grace and peace.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have been meaning to check this out when I heard it being preached by Joseph Prince

    • Yeah Joseph prince first brought my attention to this too. Also on the word doubt diakrono which is deep meaning us self condemnation. His teaching on that was marvellous

  7. Yes,Yes,Yes. To the believers there should be no more consciousness of sin.Its like being back in the garden of Eden,spiritually! Sin shall not be my master,or have dominion over me. Understanding how much Jesus loves us is my greatest goal. Tradition is the greatest hindrance to my faith! PARTY ON !

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