Jesus’ fridge – parable

This is a part of a list of modern day parables…

The post begins here…

I received this vision/revelation about 1 month ago in 2014.

Imagine a group of hungry and thirsty people all standing around and Jesus walks up to a refrigerator and He opens it and inside are all kinds of food and drink.

The people realise He s God and they are stunned by His Presence and His Holiness. They listen to what He says next.

Jesus says to them “This is My fridge and I own everything inside it. I’m giving it to you.

Then He leaves. He walks away leaving them with the fridge. They are stunned to have seen God in the flesh, right there in the room with them. They are stunned to have heard His voice. Now He has left… and they realise He has left His fridge behind and it’s full of all the things they need.

What do they do? What would you do? What DO you do?

Some of the hungry people began to revere the fridge because it is from God and must be treated with the utmost respect to show Him how grateful they are. They never take from the fridge, because they are trapped in religion.

Some of the hungry people began to approach the fridge to take what they need, but they were restrained by the religious ones who scorned them for defiling God’s fridge by touching it.

Over time the people agreed to compromise to leave the fridge open so that they did not conceal Jesus’ generous gift… but they didn’t actually take anything from inside to quench their thirst and stop the hunger pains and strengthen their bodies.

If they attempted to take the contents a fight would break out and that couldn’t be allowed because the religious grouping had convinced them that they had to maintain order and unity so that the oil might run down from their head through their beard as described in Ps 133:2

The consensus view was that if  the supernatural oil of Ps 133:2 ever did run then it would provide enough food and drink for all their needs. So in the hope that God would provide for their needs, they decided to restrain themselves from taking and eating what they needed from the fridge.

Jesus came back after a while and He said to one or two of the hungry people “do you understand that this is My fridge? And I can give the contents of it to anyone I want to? So I’m giving it to you. It has all of what you need and it also has many things that you can enjoy just for fun. Please take it. Eat it. Show the others that it’s My will that they eat too.

So the few brave souls stepped forward, breaking all the traditions and rules governing correct conduct when near God’s fridge and they ate from it. When asked why they could do this they simply quoted Jesus’ original words “This is My fridge and I own everything inside it. I’m giving it to you.

They took and they ate. And after a while other hungry people took and ate. And eventually everyone was taking and eating. All were restored to health and vitality.


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