Where is Sinai and where was the Red Sea crossing?

Update: Please read this excellent post: The Exodus Route or grab my PDF and The Exodus Route: 15 Stops between Kadesh Barnea to Jordan.

So where is Sinai? This is easily answered by looking at Gal 4:25

Now Hagar is (stands for) Mount Sinai in Arabia and she corresponds to and belongs in the same category with the present Jerusalem, for she is in bondage together with her children. – Gal 4:25

Scripture says that Mount Sinai is in Arabia… Arabia is what we call Saudi Arabia today. The area that we call Sinai is in Egypt, not Arabia.

That should resolve that question. So where is the Red Sea crossing? How did they get across to Saudi Arabia? Where is the highway

the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea – Ex 14:16

the Lord caused the sea to go backby a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea into dry land, and the waters were divided. – Ex 14:21

Is there such a place which connects Egypt to Arabia? Yes, there is… at Sharm el-Sheikh. Look at this Google Maps image and you can see the underwater coral reef that they would have walked on in order to go from Egypt on the left across to Arabia on the right.

Sharm el Sheikh  Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh  South Sinai  Egypt   Google Maps

Sharm el-Sheikh, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

So we know Mount Sinai is in Arabia and we know where they crossed from Egypt to Arabia. Great.

So where IS Mount Sinai in Arabia? The most likely place is: JEBEL EL-LAWZ which has several things going for it

JEBEL EL LAWZ   Google Maps

Things that make JEBEL EL-LAWZ the likely place we know as Mount Sinai…

NOTE: If you are looking for EXHAUSTIVE research then read this dissertation: local file pdf_icon or view the original file.

Or… here are my very simple reasons…

  1. It’s in Arabia!
  2. It’s near the crossing (Sharm el-Sheikh)
  3. Claims have been made by some writers such as Bob CornukeRon Wyatt and Lennart Moller that this is the real biblical Mount Sinai. Archeological evidence of this includes the remains of an altar, 12 pillars with Hebrew inscriptions and several wells at the site of an encampment at the base of the mountain.
  4. In the account of Exodus in the bible places which are mentioned include Midian (modern Medina in Saudi Arabia?) and Paran and these areas are commonly known to be in Arabia
  5. Caves in Saudi Arabia near modern Al Bad called “Caves of Moses” and it has a well called “The well of Moses”

So where is Al Bad with the “Caves of Moses?” Is it anywhere near Jebel el-Lawz? Or near the crossing? Take a look…

Al Bad   Tabuk Province  Saudi Arabia   Google Maps

It seems convincing to me that this is the location of the Mountain of God.

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