Three days ago I became a creationist

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I didn’t want to, it doesn’t make sense to me, I didn’t plan on it, don’t blame me – but apparently it’s true.

I was watching (which has a really inspiring vision). My other fav show is “What God Can Do For You“, they have excellent teaching, available online.

I had it all worked out you know? God evolved the world in a day and it was born mature – like Adam and Even were. Adam and Eve didn’t grow up, they popped up fully grown. They were born mature, so why couldn’t the earth be born mature – with all the dinosaurs and things already having happened?

And what’s more… the trees around Adam and Eve must have had food on them for supper/dinner that night, otherwise they would have starved. Again, the trees were created mature.

But… but… this Aussie guy was making such good points. The dinosaur bones that are being found had cancer in them and trees had thorns.


Well, this is a problem because thorns and sickness did not exist before the fall. So… how could dinos have cancer before the fall? They can’t. So therefore they existed AFTER the fall. And he pointed out that the bones must have been covered really quickly in order to survive.

Mathematically apparently only 16 thousand animals are required to rebuild the main lines of species (not including the dinoaurs obviously) and 16,000 animals would only take only 1/3rd of the available space on the ark – because it was such a huge vessel.

g_and_j.JPGGah. I had it all figured out! I had managed to avoid confronting this topic. Now this! So it turns out Geoff was right! He’ll be SO pleased to read this! (Maybe he won’t notice this post… hehehehe)

2 responses to “Three days ago I became a creationist

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  2. Also along the lines of your adam and eve comment, Jesus also turned water in to wine. Good wine, wine that takes time to age.

    as for the cancer and stuff, thats interesting. I always just figured that while adam and eve existed in eden, dinosaurs existed somewhere else at the same time.

    i cant say i gave the whole dinosaur thing a whole lot of thought though…

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