The Cana wedding

Check this out with me. It hit me last night while watching a Jesus movie “The Gospel of John” (3 hour extended version!)

In John 2:1-10 Jesus turns water into wine. Yup. But whenever I watched that part of the movie, I alwys had this feeling that I was missing something fundamental. I looked and looked but I couldn’t see it.

Last night. Kerpow! The water was to be put into six ceremonial stone waterpots. 6 waterpots of 20-30 gallons. 180 gallons of water. Kerpow! I saw it!

This was a law-keeping family who had enough waterpots to fill a ceremonial bath in order to ceemonially cleanse themselves of… SIN!

And Jesus did a few things:
1) He turned the ceremonial (law keeping) water into wine (symbolic of His blood), showing in His first miracle that His blood is better at cleansing sins than ceremonial water is.
2) The water was enough for the one family to be cleansed once, but Jesus made far far far more wine (symbolic blood) for everyone at that wedding and in fact 180 gallons (600+ liters) of wine is far more than what could be required in many many weddings!
3) The wine was made in the vessels intended for the water, it superceded the water, it improved it.
4) This law abiding family was in a samaritan area. From Israel’s viewpoint the area and inhabitants and even this water was already legally unclean. Jesus began His ministry in an unclean area, using vessels intended to keep the law to cleanse sin for one family. But He then made a symbol of His blood, enough to feed and cleanse everyone!

I keep remembering what His mother said in John 2:5 “whatever He says to you, do it”


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