Stronger, newer. Bolder.

I’ve just come through quite a time of being sick. Did I have flu? I did have bronchitis? Was it both? Was it more than that? It seemed like a time of darkness, a real time of struggle. My prayers seemed to lack real punch and due to sickness I was only able to sleep and sleep and not do much else.

And now… at the end of it, I feel stronger, cleaner and clearer. It was been a time of testing what lies within me, I think. So many nights I found myself fighting battles inside me – breaking through quite easily and winning. Now when I look at theology, given how hard it was to have any faith in this last time of trial, but now it all seems so clear and so obvious.

What a difference a few days make! 🙂

2 responses to “Stronger, newer. Bolder.

  1. Well done! Good to see you got through the testing and dark times. Look forward to reading more posts with your even clearer crisper sense of Faith along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in you.
    God be with you always

    • G’day Aussie person!

      Yes it was a time of testing – you have good insight. And my faith stood on the Rock… and came through. In times of testing everything that isn’t on (or from) that Rock just gets washed away.

      Testing is a harsh, but a good thing, because what remains is strong and you can trust it in order to go forward.

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