New look for a new season

October was a significant month, but December is a time of change… can you feel it? It’s all around and in everyone’s life. I see it everywhere.

It’s a new season for me too, so I’ve changed the look and feel of the blog. And then lo and behold God changes something in and for me. I’m very excited!

You can now also sign up to an email version of this blog… check out the button to the right on the page.

Do you remember when I used this graphic? Dec 10, 2008… almost 1 year ago exactly.

It’s time to adjust the image… the red line needs to be moved left. I don’t see a few swallows, I see spring is about to yield to summer! I’m sure you can see it now too. If you can’t you will soon.

Can you hear the chant building? Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

This is a part of a series…

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