The Cross… To be received by faith

Have you read where Paul says “how did you receive salvation?” and the answer is “by/through faith”. He also asks how we received the Holy Spirit and again the answer is “by/through faith”.

Then he says these momentous words “continue on in the same way”. I have always been able really feel Paul’s annoyance and frustration at my not having “continued on”. But to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t work out what Paul was upset about. What wasn’t I doing? What was he saying to do?!

I said to God that I wish Paul could be here to teach me, and it was as if God pointed His Finger to the bible, because MOST of the new testament was written by Paul to the church. Kerpow!! 🙂

And that’s how a part of my journey began for me.

cross1I first had an image about 8 years ago. I was in counseling at the time.

It was a flash and I saw many lines coming from the left, moving towards the cross, and some lines continuing beyond the cross off to the right, but many many lines ending at the cross, some being replaced by new ones.

I had no idea what the lines represented, but I knew that I had seen “the answer”. I tried my best to keep hold of that and begged for more, but nada.

For the next few years the Holy Spirit would begin to lead me to bible verses which showed what HAS happened on the cross – Paul always talks past tense, it HAS happened – if we’d only receive it by faith, which history shows that we never did in full, but instead we grabbed pieces of it and lost bits and regained it.

Then one day I had come to a place where I had heaps of scriptures about the cross. The Holy Spirit asked me to write down on a huge white piece of paper everything I knew about the cross.

On the one side I drew a cross and i drew arrows going to the cross, all the things the bible says Jesus Christ took off this world. I filled the page! Woohoo!!

He then said to turn it over and write what happened after the cross. All I could come up with was the resurrection. His point was clearly made! I knew many details about the cross and sin and depravity – from personal experience – but I knew nothing of “the power outflowing from the cross” as Paul puts it.

I then had another experience, the Holy Spirit challenged me to draw a throne on my whiteboard (in my worship room that I had) and draw a river flowing out from under it. He asked me to list what it is the river?! Once again I only had a feeble few items like “life”. Again I could see that I really didn’t GET the whole cross/sacrifice thing AT ALL!! I was busted – again!

And it really matters, because everything He did for us is complete. It is SO complete that He “sat down” and the bible says Jesus is “waiting”.

Whereas this One [Christ], after He had offered a single sacrifice for our sins [that shall avail] for all time, sat down at the right hand of God, then to wait until His enemies should be made a stool beneath His feet. – Heb 10:12-13

It also says that when He comes again it is NOT to deal with sins or even burdens (like tears, mourning, sickness) and all He will do is destroy death itself (which was “only” set aside and annulled on the cross, unlike sin which was abolished).

You really need to get how utterly complete His work was – and then get that it’s YOUR job to receive that new state by/through faith. Are your eyes open to how complete His work is? Can you see how perfect He has made this world? How comprehensively He has done His work? He sat down. He said “it is finished”.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

And all we need to do is BELIEVE and “receive by faith”, but as Paul says, how will “Mark” know unless someone tells him?! Or words similar to that 🙂 and no one was telling me!

And how are they to believe in Him [adhere to, trust in, and rely upon Him] of Whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher? Rom 10:14-15

So, in the bigger picture, its no wonder the enemy would try to take the bible out of the hands of common people from 500ad onwards (when it was in 50 common languages) and then begin to burn people at the stake in 1400ad for attempting to have a bible in the common language.

There are so many lines, so much to receive by faith. If the church ever got hold of this, we could utterly transform this world in a month.

So in these last few days I saw that image again WITH the explanation of the lines!! Ready?? 🙂

  1. The bible says Jesus Christ was the LAST Adam, that line ended there. That line and everything coming from it, it all ends at the cross (receive that by faith) and the bible says we are “new creatures” now! (receive it by faith)
  2. The bible says Jesus took the sins of “the whole world”, and again it specifically say “not just our sins, but the sins of the whole world”. That line ends at the cross and because sin is dealt with (go ahead, receive it by faith) it also says we all – worldwide! – are now “Hephziba” to Him, we are favoured because of what Jesus did! (go ahead, received it by faith! You know you want to!!)
  3. The bible says Jesus died in the place of “everyone” and it says His life HAS spread to “everyone” (you guessed it, receive it by faith!)
  4. Where sin caused His face to turn away, now we are Hephzibah to Him (Hephzibah means His delight” and where sin caused a separation from Him, now it says we are Beulah to Him (Beulah means married and our walls are protected by Him!)
  5. Where sin caused death to reign in every life, now His life has spread to all human beings.
  6. Where sin and death crushed spirits and broke hearts, now it says He has given us a new soft heart, His new life, bound up and healed wounded hearts, given us joy instead of mourning.
  7. Where sin spread to everyone and we sinned absolutely everywhere we went (adultery, idolatry etc.) but because He took every single sin – so complete that He “sat down” – now He refers to tjis world as a “new heaven and a new earth”.
  8. The bible says that sin blinded eyes, but it says Jesus opened every blind eye.

And all of this and more is to be received in the same way you received salvation. You accepted it! When you accepted personal salvation, it became true for you personally.

Just think, you are involved in the renewal of everything and everyone, when you simply agree that Jesus Christ did what He said He did on the cross! When I pray for people’s healing, I simply agree that He has already done it on the cross. I walk by that faith, I don’t walk by my sight – the wounded foot or sickness.

So, for some this is more than enough information, but for the truly ambitious, consider this. What are you believing? Does the bible say He did it for you, or for the whole whole world? Yes, the whole world! So when you believe, do you believe for you, or for the “whole world” as scripture says? Yes, for the whole world!

That is why YOU are light and salt to the whole world.

One response to “The Cross… To be received by faith

  1. Preach it Brother. The Bible is such a deep book and the God we serve is so huge I don’t think I’ll ever have the depth of understanding that I desire. I’ve only been following Christ for a few years. But on the day when he tells me “Well done, good and faithful servant” I will sit at Jesus’ feet and be 100% complete. Then my earthly journey will be over and my heavenly journey will have just begun. =)

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