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When Unprofitable Servants are Served

Awakening at IHOPU

I am in my 8th year of asking the Lord for such revival before judgment from heaven is righteously released on this nation. What is currently happening at IHOP is not yet that. However I do believe it is the Preface to the chapters of Revival soon to be written by many believers all over the world.

After 6 to 8 to 10 hours of prayer a day for nearly eight years I’m finally seeing some of those weak prayers answered. It is a beautiful thing. Thousands in Kansas City are pouring into our little conference center and are leaving with clear physical healings, water baptized, free from bitterness, fear, depression, oppression, and saved. I’ve been watching marriages get restored, emotional wounds healed, and countless pastors, teachers, and missionaries tired from their labors get refreshed in life changing ways. Friends of mine who I have always prayed for, who had issues of insomnia, anxiety, bitterness, and wounds from past abuse are getting free in ways I’ve never seen. Their eyes reflect the light of Christ for the first time. For many I know I am seeing the hope and peace of Christ on their faces like I have not seen in my entire history of knowing them. Including my self, my life has been changed.

So about these meetings…

The joy of the LORD breaks out in Kansas city

The class that started at 9 am that day was continuing because the Spirit broke out during the lecture.  The presence of the LORD was so thick that I soon began to weep.   After a few moments, one of the leaders explained that God was releasing the joy of the LORD to break people free from self-hatred and depression.  Many testimonies were given by young women who declared that they were delivered from eating disorders and poor self-image related to their bodies.  These women helped to release faith and gratitude in the congregation. As the hours passed, the crowds began to grow till it nearly filled the 1,000 seat capacity auditorium.  There were times of great celebration and also deep adoration of Jesus. I ended up staying at this gathering for a total of 13 hours.  I was touched by God’s deep love for me and my uniqueness before him.  I wept many times as I felt God’s presence and gazed upon his beautiful face.  As the day drew to a close, I found myself looking around the auditorium thanking God for who he was.

The joy of the LORD breaks out in Kansas city – day 2

This next link concerns me, it has from the moment I heard that it might happen. It’s one of those concerns that bugs me late at night and early in the morning. I am not sure exactly why and I’m not prepared to speculate why. Bill Johnson and John Arnott come to IHOP I think we will have to wait and see what occurs to this movement next. Will it peter out, or flourish? Let’s wait and see and learn from it.

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