Request for your prayers at Christmas time

Hello dear reader.

May I request a Christmas gift for me? I’m asking you to interecede on my behalf.

I wrote previously that I have come to a place of inner peace, self control and even some joy. And that’s tremendous!

But on the other hand, God has given me some words to speak out and they are heavy. I know that God said in scripture not call His words a burden, but these are negative words that I (may) have to share.

I like being the bearer of good tidings – like getting ready for the marriage of the Lamb – but not so much for the negatives.

Please would you pray that I hear clearly; and share correctly. God bless you!

During this time of joy, please remember all those who don’t have joy, perhaps they jost their job, income and don’t have warm family love during this time. It is a fact that suicide hits it’s peak at this time of the year. So reach out to someone unfortunate. Visit someone in prison. Pray for the people around you.

God bless,

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