Rain and floods and the end of war prophecy

You might remember the prophecy was for two things:

  1. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit (revival everywhere)
  2. An end to war (peace everywhere)

We know – and the whole world knows – that the outpouring is now occurring and it started on 11 Nov 2009… and the prophecy said it would be 9/10 Nov 2009. Well… it’s pretty close! And the number of places experiencing that outpouring is increasing and increasing. Woohoo!

So now let’s refocus on the “end of war” aspect. The prophecy is documented here:

And I’ve been documenting some of the progress… I have many posts, here are just three of them…

A few days ago I had an inspiration, what if the floods coincided with intense conflict areas? So I put the two images together… see image below. That list of conflict countries was recorded by me in this post 1 month to go, blessings and sadness (Posted on 10 March 2009).

Within the image you can see a small white square image inset, that was recorded from Wikipedia (10 March 2009), the blue areas are ongoing conflict, the dark blue areas are intense conflict.

I have circled the conflict areas which have received floods. Can you see a reasonably significant overlap? I can!

2010 Floods and Intense conflict zones

So then today… I wondered something else… previously I also recorded in Wondering what to pray for? A list of conflict countries, (Posted on 7 May 2009) a list of unstable countries.

Today I wondered if they coincided with the rainfall we have been getting?! And so I combined the two… you can see the rainfall map is insert within the Reuters Alertnet countries map. There is a significant overlap, I think.

Rain 2010 and unstable countries

Looks to me like a LOT of coincidences… don’t you think?

And I just had an idea… what if I grabbed the newest Wikipedia Ongoing Wars image and compared it with the one from almost exactly one year ago! So I compiled them both together… see below… and the result should astonish you. 6 countries are no longer at war, now one year later.

6 countries no longer have wars – one year later!

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Come on… join in!  🙂 Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

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