Revival update – Dec 2012

In this post Prayer shall be made through Him continually I challenged you to change your choices for your life when you see two things:

  1. Revival everywhere… literally everywhere, even in countries you never expected it
  2. Peace everywhere

breaking out. I specifically asked you to help build a prayer center if you began to see those two things.

Im asking you to take this seriously, because all the things God said have happened. And Im issuing you a challenge now… if the unthinkable happens… that the world is at peace and people who didn’t believe are now believing… if that happens then acknowledge that He did it, and join in building this place.

Then I confirmed increasing peace in this post: 3 major war zones left… as per God’s prophecy! and I mentioned a recent day when (8 million people) in NY had a day without a single crime report: Violent crime takes a holiday in New York City – Nov 28, 2012

And today Im posting about some news about revivals breaking out in the USA.

Its early day, the Holy Spirit is showing up where He is most welcome… but in time He will show up where He is least welcome too.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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