More prophecy about to come true

Have a look at what I wrote in my private journal (Diary of a Revival .PDF) about a vision I saw and I wrote about on 14 April 2011

Recently I saw a picture of the most advanced warplane on show. Within a few months and maybe a year or two, that plane will no longer be flown. It will be mothballed. SUCH will be the massive change in this world.

In the vision that I saw the image of the plane was almost exactly like this, it was from this angle and the sense I had is that the plane was the most advanced plan in the world.

F22 Raptor

This appears about to happen according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta bluntly said during a Jan. 10 briefing at the Pentagon

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter issued guidance on Jan. 10, telling the Air Force and the Navy to cancel maintenance on its aircraft and ships in the third and fourth quarters to meet those targets.

“It would mean reductions … in ship training, except for our highest priority units, reductions in flying hours, in pilot training, and ships would have to be pulled out of maintenance, and disruptions to almost every weapon modernization and research program,” Leon Panetta said.

We’ll ground aircraft, return ships to port, and sharply curtail training across the force,” Dempsey added.

If you want to know what is about to happen, read my journal of visions and words and then to find out how to recover from it read the recent posts on this blog.

Don’t let you prejudice against God (Jesus Christ) block your eyes, ears and heart. Jesus Christ is alive.

22 Feb 2013 – Partial fulfillment?

I wrote above that the vision I saw was of the most advanced fighter in the world. That was clear to me in the vision which I wrote about in my journal.

The plane in the image above is the F22 Raptor.

But “the most advanced plane” is actually the F35… which has just been grounded: US grounds all F-35s after discovering potentially fatal flaw

pdf-icon And just in case that link stops working – as they so often seem to do – here is a PDF of it. US grounds all F-35s after discovering potentially fatal flaw


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